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10/20/2010 c6 6Hazmatt
Great chapter! I really enjoyed it!
10/20/2010 c5 Hazmatt
Great chapter! I really enjoyed it! Perfect!
10/20/2010 c4 Hazmatt
Amazing chapter! I rreally enjoyed it! Amazing chapter!
10/20/2010 c3 Hazmatt
I really enjoyed it! Dumb move Scotty! I hope everything works out!
10/20/2010 c2 Hazmatt
Great chapter! I really enjoyed it!
10/20/2010 c1 Hazmatt
Great chapter! I really enjoyed it!
8/21/2010 c32 11Little Kakau
It seemed like to be continued before your little explanation at the end. I loved it! Made my brain to work in my own "33-to-infinity" chapter! ;)
8/6/2010 c32 40BigBoss87
NNNOOO it's already done?

I was so in this that i could have read another 32 chapter...

However... THAT WAS a great story and i really love it!
8/6/2010 c32 33DPIH
I am said that this is over. It was a great story, I hope you are planning on a sequel or another story. Thanks for the great read
8/5/2010 c32 Betherzz
good ending to the story ;)
7/6/2010 c31 Betherzz
really cute chapter... what the hell is his mom doing showing up at 5am? ROFL first of all i would tell her to get the hell outta my house at that hour, 2nd, i would have looked through the peep hole and just gone back to bed LOL sorry i am not friendly with my mother and i would kick her ass showing up at my house that early unless it was to take me to the airport or something we had arranged ahead of time LOL i cant wait to see where it goes from here
7/6/2010 c31 DPIH
Great chapter been looking forward to the next. Love that Rosa could continue to cook breakfast with Lilly coming in wearing practically nothing
6/22/2010 c30 Betherzz
really cute chapter ... the freaking out neighbor with the pregnant wife demanding cookies is just hysterical! tell ya when a pregnant woman wants something thats not in the house and scares the crap outta the husband trying to make him into a houdini kinda guy and make the stuff appear out of thin air, they dont know exactally what to do...rofl try craving something from a bakery in dc when you live in indianapolis... or a beignet from a certain cafe in new orleans and living in indianapolis LOL and demanding it right now right now... they get nervous and worried and have an anxiety attack LOL so i learned how to make my own beignets and my own pasteries from the bakery in dc... so when pregnancy number 2 and 3 came along i did not threaten the husband with any bodily harm... as for scotty & lilly kinda wondering when the 2 are going to fess up to feelings or the falling in love stuff to each other ;) thanks for the great story so far
6/21/2010 c30 DPIH
I have waited soooo long for this chapter but it was well worth it. Can't wait for more love it
5/31/2010 c29 Mari
Wow, I love this chapter. The old couple in the elevator was funny. And who ist the intruder? Please update soon. :-)
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