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5/29/2010 c29 Betherzz
good chapter... rofl i cant wait to see who the hell had a key to their place... funny as hell about the old couple in the elevator too :)
5/27/2010 c29 diph
Who would have a key. I hope it's not his mom that would be a definate passion killer
5/22/2010 c28 Betherzz
good chapter :) cant wait to see what comes next
5/19/2010 c28 cyn23
hey, great new chapter, i really like it, that poor woman, to lose her daughter like that, cant wait for the next chapter
5/18/2010 c28 DIPH
I have been waiting soon long for this chapter. it was worth the wait another great chapter thankyou
5/18/2010 c28 Mari
I am so glad, you are back and what an amazing chapter. Please update soon. I really love your story :-)
5/1/2010 c26 New123456789
Please please please, I beg you, update with another chapter, ASAP! Some more smut would be great...I really want another chapter!
4/22/2010 c1 33DPIH
Great story so far, Just the right amount of smut. Looking forward to more chapters
4/8/2010 c27 40Ebony10
I really like it. Can't wait for Lil to go meet Scotty's parents. lol, or his mom could show up at the apartment...
4/8/2010 c6 Ebony10
Just wanted to tell you I love this story so far. Off to read more! :D
4/7/2010 c27 Mari
Great chapter, really love your story and hope for an update soon! :-)
4/7/2010 c27 Betherzz
good chapter... case closed up neatly apparently... now i think lil & scotty need to have a date outside of the house, ya know dinner and a movie or dinner and dancing or something kinda different... maybe even take lil to meet the parents :) or cousins or something... accidentally bump into stillman and his date at dinner and maybe run into will and kat and nick at the dancing or bar or something lol that way they dont have to tell anyone really they just find out accidentally... lol and maybe bring lil some flowers home? lol i dunno writers block sucks, hopefully you can get over that in a hurry :) cant wait to see whatcha come up with
4/7/2010 c26 Betherzz
really great chapter :) he made her breakfast aw ;) the 2 arguing over dishes? lol thats really a first, i cook and do the dishes in our house, i dont trust my kids to do them the right way... lol there is my way and there is my way... anyway very sweet chapter :) hes falling in love, hopefully neither of them get hurt... i would love to see this turn into some sort of really great love story the 2 of them deserve ;) cant wait to see what happens next
4/6/2010 c27 cyn23
hey, great new chapter, i really like it, yes it was short, but really good, hope you get over your writers block soon, cant wait for the next chapter
3/20/2010 c26 Mari
I really enjoyed this chapter. Scotty cooking. Great! I really enjoy your story :-)
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