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for I don't want to hook up Yullen

5/7/2011 c1 RuneRenXD
Allen sure was forward. And Kanda was so CUTE!

My guess is he got dumped by Alma.
9/13/2009 c1 29xoxmeh
I don't know if you mentioned it, although I looked twice, but what was the song?

Lol, flirty Allen= epic win. Yay~
8/6/2009 c1 Uzumaki-Angel-15
Name: SilentKiller1Profile: /u/1389627/- Subject: story i got a question once i downloaded the doc how do i send it back to you?

Hey, It's Hiwatari-Angel-15 here. (I'm using my other account)

So, sorry to use yor story review thing again, but here's how you do it: Just use the "Document Manager" the same way you woukd a chapter for a story. But once you choose the document and title, change the format from 'Story' to 'DocX'. Then, go to "DocX' at the top, right hand bar, and then hit "outbox" and pick me under Connection and then the file for the document, and then hit send. Voila! Done. Just send me a message if something goes wrong. =)
6/22/2009 c1 9heaven-angel-15
Hahaha, that was brilliant. I loved allen's character in this and you made her so.. i don't know, fun? Either way, it was darling.

-tries to suppress her Yullen-fangirl instincts to scream at how cute it was-


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