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8/11/2010 c5 1Annella
Scary! poor Rukia! Ashido must really want to kill all the hollows now! And RuKia needs medical help like asap. That's just terrible.

Ichigo seems a bit OOC to me at times. I guess in order to make the story work you have to do that, because it's ashido X rukia, and ashido needs to save rukia, not ichigo, as ichigo wants to. so Ichigo just gets to help :)

I hope they get out of the forrest soon, so then ashido can go back to soul society. I wonder what he would do in soul society. After being in the Menos Forrest for so long, I wonder how everyone would react. And because Shinigami live so long, he probably knows some of the old captains, and others.

I am just talking know...I hope you find inspiration!
8/11/2010 c4 Annella
Yay. I REALLY LIKED IT. the beginning was sweet, and the end was suspenseful.
8/11/2010 c3 Annella
The hollows are not going to be able to acctually capture someone, are they? Ichi never messes up. never:( lol
8/11/2010 c2 Annella
I'm glad I found your story! I love good fanfics, and I think yours deserves a little more attention :)
8/11/2010 c1 Annella
I like your story! So far it sounds good! :)
8/9/2010 c6 10blackshadow878
Aw it's cute! i can't wait to read more!
5/31/2010 c6 2Violentkitty
AshidoXRukia would be the hottest Bleach paring ever...arrrghhh why can I not write this show lol
5/30/2010 c6 21Yorukifon
Please update soon with the epilogue! This story is fricking awesome. :3

5/12/2010 c6 2Aldalena
Aw, this is so sweet~ ^_^

I'm so glad there are such great Ashido fanfics like this one, even if there aren't that many.

You've done a very good job keeping everyone in character and you've added depth to Ashido's character. You capture the characters' emotions and the mood of each scene~ You also balance out the cute, sweet RukiAshido scenes with fighting, and you don't forget about Soul Society in the process (I love the scene with Rangiku and Yachiru planning to build a Byakuya's garden, no less! Lol!). So not only can you write amazing fluff/romance, but also awesome action scenes! :D

Oh, and I like the way you've portrayed Rukia's uncertainty towards her brother, and Byakuya's protectiveness of Rukia.

Ugh, too tired to type much more, and I'm typing this on my phone, lolz... Excellent job so far, I'm looking forward to the update~! ^^
5/5/2010 c6 malea.anne
possessive ashido = smexy!
5/3/2010 c5 malea.anne
cliffhanger! ahh! must... have... more...
5/2/2010 c5 7StarLuna
It wasn't bad, i like writing cliffhangers. There not the funnest thing when your reading but yeah i can wait.
I love your descriptions, the way Ashido feel when Rukia is taken was beautiful. Well not technically but you know what i mean.
I love Byakuya, he he a pool in his garden awesome. I love those little shorts. He he ^o^
Wonderfully done, cant wait to read more.
3/21/2010 c1 8ProjXPsyClone
Awesome, I found a AshidoRukia pairing. I really wanted to read a AshidoRukia fanfic just because it seemed like an interesting pairing and I am so glad I did because its really awesome.

Thanks for your hard work.

I can't wait for more.
3/4/2010 c4 3AlaeaMori
nice long chap...i like the AshiRuki moment there with the whole deal, Ichigo and Rukia will always be hilarious, its seems to be pretty spot on to Ashido's character, or at least what i consider Ashido's character to be. Protective but will still acknowledges that she's a good enough shinigami to battle on her own. nehu yea i don't know if i'm making sense. oh and zanpakuto - that's the proper spelling, or zanpaku-to as some i've seen. nehu until your next update
2/23/2010 c4 evil villainess
blargh! cant wait till next update. omg, ashido is hawt. 3

this is good. :3
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