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2/21/2010 c4 10Penny1990
ahh they kissed, i dont know if i said this before but i hope there is no ICHIHIME IN THIS STORY!
2/20/2010 c4 NinjaBunnyOverlord
Wow, great way to end the chapter XD. I really liked this chapter and can't wait to see what happens next.
2/19/2010 c4 7StarLuna
Fluff shmuff or something. You can add as much as you want, although in this chapter it wasn't too horrible. I loved it. The idea of Ashido realizing the pain Rukia has been dealing with all on her own was great. I truly enjoyed it.

As for updates you can take as long as you like, heck i have a story i really need to update. I haven't even looked at it since December/November. He he im really bad about it i start one story and then another. I really need to focus.

Any who i look forward to your next update when ever that is.
2/19/2010 c4 2fanficssuck
Rofl. Looks like Ichigo and Ashido are having a little competition :P
2/19/2010 c4 5Jedi Healer
i noticed that in this chapter, Ichigo needs to have more dialogue (he would've responded to the hollow's challenge whenit said he would not escape alive) and also exlclame in frustration when the adjuches kept slipping away. Also, when Rukia looses her sword, she would've just used a kido, like 'Hado 33, sokasui" or something. =)
2/19/2010 c4 DecayingNightmares
Kya! ~

That was really cute! :3. The cliff hangers at the end keep pulling me in, i want to keep reading more and more. The Fluff didnt seem rushed actually, it was just about right and so cute aswell. Still getting good, better and better infact. Keep it up and i look forward to reading more! :D

2/19/2010 c3 DecayingNightmares
It's really been awhile since this was updated i must admit! Surely it has to be the only Ashido X Rukia fic which is still around and updated. It's good to see this being updated again, it is still as good as i remember it. Look forward to reading more and keep it up! :D.

2/18/2010 c3 2fanficssuck
OOhh, I forgot about this story :O

...Sorry. :/
1/25/2010 c2 7StarLuna
I would love to read more. I loved Ashido's character, for the what 3 episodes he was in. The interaction between Ichigo and Rukia is hilarious. Adding in Byakuya was lovely, the comparison in their eyes (Ashido and Byakuya)was a nice touch. I look forward to reading more and keep up the good work.
1/3/2010 c2 3fromafizate
UPDATE! Yeayy! Sorry if I seem too excited, it's just that recently I've sorta distanced myself from Bleach Fandom and when I got this update notice and read the chapter, my love for Bleach just came rushing back to me. It was a nice chapter- short, but I understand that you've probably been really busy. I'm psyched that you've managed to keep them all in character, and I like that you're taking time building up the romance. Makes it more realistic I guess. I'm just wondering if you're thinking of making this into a IchiRukiAsh triangle. I'm not against it or anything, I was just curious.

Anyway, hope all your projects go well, and I'm totally looking forward to the next chapter xD
1/3/2010 c2 2sukeban-hachi
I love this story, and think it would be boring if it was full of romance from the very beginning.
1/3/2010 c2 10Penny1990
finally an update glad there is no bitter jealousy...i just request that there is no ichihime k thnaks
1/2/2010 c2 5Azelf1717
Lots of projects?
1/2/2010 c2 10Saiyuki729
=0 I was like dat when the alert email came. At first I was all like wat story is this but then I remembered LOL. Anyway Good chapter. I know how it feels to have writers block =( I've had it and still do with some of my stories. Anyway I can't wait for u to update the next chapter. I'll be waiting patiently...
11/5/2009 c1 2sukeban-hachi
This was amazing...why is it on hold?

Ashido/Rukia is my favorite pairing, despite my Ichigo/Rukia love. Ashido swooped in as my favorite character largely because of his interaction with Rukia-so finish it, PLZ K THX.
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