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11/24/2011 c15 alguien22792
Yay!~ Kanda finally moved his ass and went to look for Allen! XD
11/23/2011 c9 alguien22792
Awwwww yullen is love~

I really like how this story is going and how oblivous Allen is about Kanda being attracted to him XD
11/23/2011 c3 alguien22792
Ohhhh I have a big thing for CrossxAllen so I don't care he is the bad guy I just LOVE he's a pervert and his target is our sweet little Allen ;D
11/4/2011 c16 ChocoSenpai
I just read all 16 chapters and I loved them all =)

I´m a little bit sad about Cross being the bad/bad guy and not a bad/good guy (you can´t help but love those characters, they are just to funny) but he fit the role so I accept it.

It´s a good story and I think that you keep true to the characters real personality quite well.

Please continue with this story and update soon.
10/30/2011 c16 TheLeftPhalangy
You're going to kill Daisia off aren't you?

in fact, I don't want to know, I'll only get depressed...
10/29/2011 c6 TheLeftPhalangy
"Where does it all go?" Daisya asked.

"I don't know." Lavi answered. "I just don't know."

Those lines gave me and my fellows at the Yullen society in our school endless mirth.
10/29/2011 c16 3fire-ball-kyo-DLM
Please tell me he isn't dead
10/28/2011 c16 16sakura2112
10/28/2011 c16 MeitanteiChristie
Wow, it's like they're playing hide-and-seek, only this is a little bit more dangerous. Congrats about ur midterms being over. Hope u get good grades :)
10/6/2011 c16 yurithefurry
Thank you for putting this up. I found out when i was in class a few hours ago and i burst out into tears :(. He will never be forgotton for he has done so much for the world. May he rest in peace
10/3/2011 c15 kandaz
I really hope you're planning to update soon. The story is interesting. ^_^

10/2/2011 c15 xx-Yuu-Chan-xx
I love you story so far. are you going to continue it ?
10/2/2011 c15 MidnightAbyssx02
Wheeeeeeeeeee! Plz continue! Update as soon as possible! At the speed of light! Lol I must be feeling high today... It's my birthday!
10/1/2011 c15 12Zuza chan
awwww... Kanda is in love 3 :D And man, how big is that castle? WTF? They can't find each other at all -.- :P
10/1/2011 c15 1Serens
Oh my oO pleease, update soon! Or I'm gonna die
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