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12/10/2010 c9 2Sakura Ichigo Morihiko
Update soon please! LOL, wheels on the bus for an hour? I would have lost it if imwas Lin...

Or I would have killed Rei...

Can you make me a character? For a LinxOC?


name: Yuuki Itou

age: 24

looks: dark brown hair, bright pink eyes, tall, thin, palish skin

powers: reccognition, sensing spirits, PK, exorsizing and purifying like Mai

personality: anti-social, but once friends is loyal and kind. Won't take no

for an answer, and can be very childish when needed, but also very mature when needed as well.
7/18/2009 c8 4LunaxXmoongoddessXx
it's a pretty interesting story, out all the added characters kind of makes it confusing. it's still interesting though
6/26/2009 c7 2heavenslilagl420
lol another great chapter keep up the good job an hope to see another chapter soon
6/26/2009 c7 Emina105
LOL . well that's fine ^^ it'll come one day.

well other than that this chapter was kinda funny actually

loved the "what do we do now" part xD

so update again soon, cause i think that this was just a little filler chapter.
6/25/2009 c6 Emina105
LOL . yay the appearance of Daiyu ^^

funny chapter in the beginning, but kinda freaky ending.

nice contrast? for people who like funny, and scary, al in one big (or small) chapter =D

Update again soon ! =]
6/25/2009 c6 heavensblackcat
no not my...fourth favorite character! please hurry up and update...please. Great job!
6/25/2009 c6 heavenslilagl420
great chapter hope to see another one soon keep up the good work :)
6/22/2009 c5 heavensblackcat
wow! Naru really does have jealousy issues. Keep up the good work
6/22/2009 c5 Emina105
LOL . awws Naru's so cute .:[

hehe, wells update again soon! =]
6/22/2009 c5 4Wolfstar-Telescope
DUDE I LAUGHED TO FRICKEN HARD! i love this so much seriously, hehe naru's all jealous! GENIUS!
6/21/2009 c4 heavensblackcat
poor Lin! i knows how he feels but hey at least it wasn't 'i know a song that gets on everybody's nerves.' can't wait till the next one
6/21/2009 c4 2heavenslilagl420
oh this was just great poor lin (lol). yet another great chapter keep up the good work hope to see another soon :)
6/21/2009 c4 Emina105
LMAO. OMG lin-san = love .

but i wonder what's gonna happen at the party ...

Update again soon! i wanna hear more funny stories =]
6/21/2009 c3 heavensblackcat
aw, no hug for Rie! i hope she gets one soon.
6/21/2009 c3 heavenslilagl420
good chapter hope to see another chapter soon
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