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for So I've fallen in love

6/23/2020 c36 Guest
I loved this sooo much!
2/11/2020 c36 Rems
Hey I just finished your story and I loved it.
I may actually be to old for hsm but I don’t care.
I really loved how you recognized small details in the movies and used them in you story. For example the JasonMartha Shirt or that there was actually a girl in the basketball number during the spring musical. I actually never noticed the last fact.
What I also think is great, is that you took the deleted scenes as a part of the story. I actually watched them so often I can’t tell them apart anyway, so thank you for that.
I actually started three years ago with your series of oneshots, the arguments between Kelsi and Ryan and I loved the idea of writing a story that happened during the movies so much, that I started to write my own Ryelsi story. You’ve inspired, I actually wrote a story with 35000 words, that’s the longest I ever finished and I loved every moment of it.
So now 2 years after finishing my story I remembered you and realized that you wrote more than just that series of oneshots... an the main story is even more satisfying .
Of course I started to compare you’re ideas to the ones I had and I must say sometime they were pretty similar and sometime they were just so different. It’s so cool to see the many ways of how their story could have started and developed.
So thank you very much for all the nice moments you’ve created.
You’re very inspiring
5/17/2016 c16 2cailley1995
5/16/2016 c33 cailley1995
3/29/2016 c13 Guest
Awww Ryan is so adorable 3
9/12/2015 c33 Amy
9/9/2015 c36 mio.akiyamacool
Oh my god ! You dont know how much i love youuuu !
11/21/2014 c36 2EvilGirl-On
Hey! This is AnimeGirl442.. obviously... well it spelled 'Anime' so you pretty know I love anime, BUT over that.. I loved your story, even though some scenes were a bit cheesy or uncanny... but lemme tell ya my reading experience.. the first day I got to read this I felt so addicted already, I got to read until Chap. 10 that time I stayed up very late I didn't cared about school the next day.. same thing happened the next day I got to read until Chap. 22.. very constructive story! The feeling that you already know what will happen yet you're still afraid they might be separated! You really got me inspired to finished my anime fanfic.. then this day that I reviewed.. INTENSE! Especially the part of Troy and Chad trying to cheer Kelsi.. that got me so LOL! My mother scolded me... And those deleted scenes.. very cute (In Gabriella's manner)! And those super many extra scenes and feelings.. wow! Well my review got a bit too big.. it's because I've been a big fan of Ryelsi since I watched HSM2&3 and I'm just 12 and a Filipino so I'm easily inspired.. LOVED YOUR STORY! Also reading now is So This is New York.. gotta say.. ONE OF THE BEST FANFIC MAKER.. I'm no match for your skills as a writer! Well expect me to review longer once again in the sequel.. -AnimeGirl442
6/23/2014 c27 3The Land
I re-watched HSM 2 today and cried at two parts. I read this chapter and completely balled my eyes out. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that overly sensitive girl or anything, but this got the feels out of me, just like the movie did, and I have to say, it's impressive. It's so awesome that you were able to evoke the same feelings I felt while watching the actual thing.
4/21/2013 c35 1Polska99
1/11/2013 c33 crystalhikari
I enjoyed this story so much.
I suddenly had a want to reread Ryels fics because my sister started rewatching HSM.

You were able to capture the development in their relationship so well. This is really one of the best Ryelsi fics here. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and sweet story.
7/12/2012 c34 silvermaze18
You have no idea how much I LOVE your story!
You portrayed their relationship perfectly :)
Great job!
5/21/2011 c35 43RPM Shadow
Love it! So love it!
1/22/2011 c35 Emzi1996
can you update it more i would like 2 see what happens in collage?
10/30/2010 c35 1peaceloveandsmiles
this story was fantastica dn as much as i loved the whole thing and chapter 17 was at first my favorite this last one has just taken the top spot, the way you write your characters, not only in the last chapter but the whole thing with so much depth is amazing and makes you want to read more because you learn about the characters and then they surprise you

it was wonderful and i'm running out of descriptive words that i can spell

so thank you for writing this
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