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7/21/2012 c6 8GabrielsDoubt
From Spock's POV would be interesting as well, to see how he feels about Uhura's behavior, and Jim's for that matter.
6/24/2010 c6 3SilverArcana13
I think Jom should have insulted Uhora-my bad-Uhura right back in like, Klingon or Vulcan or something.
12/6/2009 c6 28StraddlingTheAtmosphere
I really want like this story a lot.

I would love it if you did another letter as a continuation of Conversations. Because that one made me cry.
11/29/2009 c6 5Shatterwing

Oh dear, I was throughly enjoying Uhura getting chewed out, an then you had to throw in that last sentence...

Now I'm hurting for Jim.

(He needs a hug! SPOCK GO HUG YOUR CAPTAIN!)

Wonderful Kirk voice, even if you did break my heart a little.
11/28/2009 c6 2lavender-in-the-sun
Wow! This is way better than anything I could have written myself. I Think Uhura is beyond annoying in Reboot (and TOS to a lesser degree), she is all clinging and condescending. I love how you put her in her place. About your request of ideas; I think Spock would find her behaviour towards Jim repulsive and completely illogical. This shows him a side of her that he didn't get to see when she was his student. That and her tendency to be excessivly physical in front of everyone, and act unprofesionally and like a bitchy, selfish know-it-all (at least in reboot and your universe) would be a good reason to get him to break up with her. It could happen by her overreacting on a mission, or trying to forbid Spock from going because of danger or something. And I am completely rambling, sorry;) And 25 screaming 8-10 year olds I can so beat... 28 screaming 3-5 year olds. Children is such a joy:)
11/27/2009 c6 sopen
like this shot, very well done!
11/27/2009 c6 1Leo6656
That was friggin fantastic! Him putting her in her place. Nicely done!
11/27/2009 c6 gone5eva
O burn! Go Kirk! *throws confetti*
8/18/2009 c5 1Legionfan231
Good story. Sorry about life issues :P. Anyway, waiting anxiously for update.
8/7/2009 c5 12Sincosma
About breaking Spock and Uhura up: I've read too many stories where Spock and Kirk do the dirty (such a bad idiom XD) before he breaks with Uhura.

It doesn't seem very Vulcan-like and DEFINITELY not very Spock-like.

I don't exactly know what you should do, but I suggest you not go down the "cheating" path, if anything, because it's overdone at this point.

Just a suggestion though! :] I look forward to more awesome stuff from you!


8/6/2009 c5 griffonskies
I'm sorry to hear that life is not very good at the moment. Hang in there!

plot-bunny ideas, plot-bunny ideas ... hm, lets see...

well first I think someone needs to hit Jim over the head for thinking that he is not as good as the Jim from the other reality.


You can always have Nyota go overboard with the resentment and insults for Jim and Spock can't stand it and jumps to his defence. If nothing else that would create some bad blood between Spock and Nyota. Maybe he also used another language to speak bad about Jim and feels guilty when Jim explodes(or calmly retorts) at Nyota for it. *shrug* dunno...

Hope to see more from you soon.

Have a nice day! ^_^
8/6/2009 c3 1cadrina
wow! chapter 3 is powerfull, I really would like to see this into a full story, and i wouldn't mind someone (Spock) breaking Sam's face. k now of to read the rest.k
8/6/2009 c5 gone5eva
Absolute sadness, but I understand. I hope to see more of this story again. =]
7/19/2009 c4 1chocolatelover1
... This ones sad...

But true in a way, it makes sense I mean.
7/15/2009 c4 12Sincosma
I absolutely love this one.

Brilliant work, my friend.

Really gives a darker perspective on the differences between PineKirk and ShatnerKirk[Lol at the nicknames].

Please keep this up!


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