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11/19/2011 c2 Black-footed
The ending was still great; I really hate when that happens. Please update! Great chapter!
10/1/2009 c1 13Remi16
Interesting story you have going here. Update, I would like to read more. :)
6/21/2009 c1 see you another day
I love the story x3. It's an awesome plot, but I just want to say that you shouldn't really seperate otomatopeias (Sp?) and italicize them. Try to put them into sentences. But either way, I love it. X3
6/21/2009 c1 Shubhs
LOVE the story!Please continue with it and what's the deal with Orochimaru and the rich and smart dudes working at a BARBERSHOP?Not flaming just asking btw...XP XD XP XD XP XD

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