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3/10/2014 c1 j
6/22/2012 c9 Gyllbane
I think it was because ShyGuy is from Mario. That's what those little ghost thingys are called. Who knows. Anyways, I know you last posted like three years ago but you should know that people are still reading! Please continue with it! :D
9/8/2011 c12 F8
Please Update NOW xD PlEASE x100
8/16/2011 c12 F8
HAHAHAHAHA! So full of randomness, but still so freakin' hilarious! *rofl* Write MORE, PLEASE 3
6/26/2010 c1 tim268
oh... i likes your story...
11/22/2009 c12 Felicity
Holy crap, this is just too funny. xD

My vote goes to Gray for the third round of the sexy off, that is, if Kai plans on dragging him back to the ring.

Reason? He's a blacksmith and he's got chiseled arms and six-pack abs. How can he not win? o:

I hope you plan on updating someday. ;D
8/15/2009 c12 1quickcutie
LOLLERZ! i love this Fan Fic! its so funny! Post soon so i can see what happens! Post soon!1 8)
7/31/2009 c12 1Miki-nee
7/24/2009 c12 7AngelGaby
Gray wins again :p i LOVE this sexy-off thing, very creative =D

I love how Karen's all like... "the winner is... Rick" XD

update soon =D
7/24/2009 c12 5ChocoBerryxo
lol (:
7/23/2009 c12 2chocobo86
no one want to choose Kai...LOL
7/23/2009 c12 3Cuter Than You
Heehee...poor Kai. I still think Gray was the ultimate winner of both sexy offs. Here, have some virtual cake I made! Pfft. Kai chose Popuri and expected to win...HA! Kay, well I need to get off cause there is a big storm outside right now, otherwise I would write more. Until the next chapter!

~Cuter Than You
7/23/2009 c12 4Rocking Out
LOL! i love it! u even said the thing about Cliff in there! huzzah! and thanks for the cookies! UPDATE SOON :)
7/23/2009 c12 4Kitty go moo
Yay! Gray STILL won the sexy off. :D

Update soon
7/21/2009 c11 Seruh.x
LOL kai lost.

actually, i reckon kai's better looking than gray haha

oh well;;

please please update soon!

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