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6/22/2009 c1 5xTheDoctorsCompanion
Name and common nicknames: Jennifer "Jenny" Poesy

Sawyer’s nicknames: Light Head, Fairway, Mini Jack Bauer.

Age: 29

Appearance (tell me the actor/actress if possible): Looks exactly like Olivia Wilde. She stands at about 5'4, and tends to paint her nails a lot. She has gray eyes and small lips. Her nose is kinda over-sized because she broke it so many times. She has like, a face full of freckles. She likes to wear her hair up in a ponytail. She has her ears pierced three times, and her belly Button pierced.

Personality: Really outgoing, and Carefree. She hardly ever gets angry, but if she does, you'd better watch out. She is sometimes very self-conscious. She never really thinks of herself and feels that anyone who never has a chance at something, should have a chance. She believes trust is something that is given to you, but if you abuse the power, then trust must be earned. She is kinda popular, but doesn't abuse it to boss people around. She is really smart when It comes to computers, she usually helps friends hack in to find out answers and stuff.

Group (Tailies, Fuselage, Others, Freighter): Fuselage

Occupation: FBI Special Agent

Nationality: Caucasian

Past: Was born in Washington, DC on September 17, 1975. Her Mother, Jennifer, died of complications due to bleeding in her kidneys. Her father, Stephen took her home a week after she was born because she was born prematurely. She grew up as normal as she could, because Her father worked for Counter-Terrorism. Ever since she was little, Jenny just wanted to be like her father. After hearing that you had to be physically fit for an FBI job, she started training hard. When she graduated High school, She went to the university of Toronto to study Criminal Justice. She graduated University when she was 24/. She had to be 27 to apply for a job at the FBI, so she helped at a local hospital until she could apply. She was trained in hand to hand combat and can shoot a gun farther then a normal beginner. When she first started her job, she was one of the youngest special agents in D.C. One of her assignments were to go capture an American arms dealer in Sydney, Australia. When she got there, their dealer suspect was found dead next to a large dumpster. Jenn had never been so disappointed in her life. She purchased a ticket for 915, but she missed her flight, so the airport got her a ticket for Oceanic 815.

Strengths: Is trained in Hand to Hand Combat, Can hold and shoot a gun, and is extremely physically fit.

Weaknesses: Watching people with their whole family and watching criminals walk.

Reason for being traveling: Going back to America.

A song to describe them or their life (optional, though very helpful):Don't Stop Believing by Journey

Connections: Knows Sawyer from a One Night Stand when she was 25. Jack sutured her leg after she was shot when she was 27.

Possessions: Her gun, and her iPod.

Family: Her Mother, Jennifer (Deceased), and her Father, Stephen.

Friends: Pretty Much all the Losties, Juliet, Faraday and Charlotte

Enemies: Locke, Ben, Richard, Miles

Pairings: Sawyer

Catchphrases: Son of a Bitch (Taken from Sawyer), Holy Crap.

Anything else: nope.
6/22/2009 c1 27Dance in the Moonlight
Name and common nicknames: Oswald 'Oz' Geller. Refuses to answer to anything but Oz- avoids telling people his real name.

Sawyer’s nicknames: Scruffles, Wizard, Toto, Kurt.

Age: 26

Appearance (tell me the actor/actress if possible): Think Seth Green! Medium height at 5'6, and slight. Scruffy red hair, and light stubble. Startling blue eyes. Defined features.

Personality: Those who don't know Oz seem to think of him as a calm, stoic, even taciturn persona. He has a way noting irony in situations, and a very wry sense of humour. He can also have a way with words, and is a bit of a charmer. He's very intelligent, and tell a lot about people after a few minutes of observation.

Group (Tailies, Fuselage, Others, Freighter): Let's go with Fuselage.

Occupation: Ex-basist. Now works any small-time jobs he can get, eg. waiter.

Nationality: American.

Past: Oz grew up in LA with his parents and brothers. Much of his life revolved around his rock band, Twice Shy. He was a good basisst, but nothing phenomenal. At the age of 22 he met Morgan Kendall, the lead singer of a rival band, Crest of Spin. The two promptly got together, partly spurred on by the thrill of keeping it hidden from their bandmates. Somewhat randomly, they decided to marry when Oz was almost 24. On the eve of the wedding, however, Oz got cold feet and realised he didn't truly love Morgan. He bolted, running away to Sydney to start afresh in shame. Two years later, his closest brother, Eli, tracked him down to convince him to come home. In conversation it slipped out that, mere days after Oz left, Morgan had discovered she was pregnant. He had a one year old son, living in LA with his mother. Upon hearing this, Oz decided to return home; something he had initionally refused to do. Eli left a week before, and Oz boarded 815 to meet his son, Oscar, though he still had no feelings for Morgan.

Strengths: Perceptive, dry humour. Good one to have on your side in a fight. Determined.

Weaknesses: Is very defensive- he's still ashamed of what he did to Morgan. Quick temper. Can be very unhelpful at vital times.

Reason for being travelling: Returning home to meet his son.

A song to describe them or their life (optional, though very helpful): All These Things That I've Done by the Killers.

Connections: Might have meet Charlie at some point- maybe an OC could be a fan of his band?

Possessions: A picture of Oscar given to him by Eli.

Family: The eldest of four, all boys. Born to Jessica and Hugh Geller. His brothers are Gary, 15, Keith, 19, and Eli, 22.

Friends: Charlie, Hurley, Sawyer to some extent, Kate, OCs.

Enemies: Jack- doesn't trust him.

Pairings: An OC female.

Catchphrases: "How nice for you." "Can I help you?" "Uh... hi?"

Anything else: He's a very protective person- anyone he gets close to, he'd give his life to save them.


Name and common nicknames: Induala Karim. Often called Indy by friends as this can be a mouthful.

Sawyer’s nicknames: Bambi.

Age: Turned 26 the day before the crash.

Appearance (tell me the actor/actress if possible): She's of medium height and slim, with shoulder length black hair and dark eyes. She's Indian, and would be played by Freida Pinto. She has a scar just below her right shoulder blade. At the time of the crash she wore a pair of jeans, a black button-down shirt and tan ankle-boots.

Personality: Afraid and timid, though she's very genuine and sweet at heart. Lets people walk all over her. Gradually gets more and more self-assured and calm.

Group (Tailies, Fuselage, Others, Freighter): Fuselage or Tailies.

Occupation: None.

Nationality: Indian.

Past: Grew up in Mumbai with her parents and two brothers. Her family were living in poverty, and her parents wished to sell her off as a wife to bring in money in the form of dowry. Eventually a rich merchant took her as a trophy wife when she was 19. His name was Daruka, and he was twice her age. He often hit her in fits of drunken rage. He was a very dangerous man, often having his men attack or kill his rivals. Things went on this way for four years, and Induala became withdrawn and broken. Eventually, on her 26th birthday, while she was in Austrailia with Daruka on a business trip, her younger brother, Mukunda, arrived. He had spent the last few months searching for her, and finally managed to track her down. He rescued her from Sydney, and bought the first plane ticket he could get- flight 815. Having barely enough money to get her out of the country, he promised her he would join her in LA as soon as he could.

Strengths: Kind, gentle. She can cope well with physical pain.

Weaknesses: People walk all over her. Emotionally broken, and timid as a mouse.

Reason for being travelling: Escaping her husband.

A song to describe them or their life (optional, though very helpful): Pocket Full of Stars by Nine Black Alps.

Connections: None.

Possessions: Her wedding ring. Once she's feeling free of Daruka, she's destroys/buries/gets rid of it with happiness.

Family: Parents, Srikumar and Snetha. Brothers, Mukunda and Malik.

Friends: Claire, OCs.

Enemies: None, but many people (Sawyer, Jack, OCs) intimidate her.

Pairings: A male OC who would protect her and show her what real love is.

Catchphrases: Nothing I can think of.

Anything else: Induala is a spirited girl at heart. Once she begins to adjust to life without her tyranical husband on the island, she begins to become more self-assured. She speaks Hindi as her first language, but has decent English from conversing with her husband's clients. She's spry and can move quickly. She's terrified of what will happen when they are rescued and Daruka finds her. She's also afraid that Mukunda has been caught by Daruka's men.
6/22/2009 c1 15Key the Metal Idol
Name and common nicknames: Kallirroe “Killy” Mellas

Sawyer’s nicknames: Stabby, Kitty

Age: 36

Appearance (tell me the actor/actress if possible): Mia Hamm (soccer player-lots of pictures on Google images)

Personality: Very stoic but has such a deadpan sense of humor most people find her more serious than she really is. Her facial expressions speak louder than her words do.

Group (Tailies, Fuselage, Others, Freighter): Fuselage

Occupation: Krav Maga instructor

Nationality: Greek-Israeli American (lives in L.A), holds Israeli and American dual citizenship

Past: Her parents met at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, representing Greece and Israel. Neither earned a medal, but they fell in love. Her mother had American dual citizenship so they settled in together there. Killy wasn't raised in the Greek Orthodox chruch much to her extended family's horror—though she isn't a practicing Jew either. Killy was very athletic throughout her school years and eventually earned a volleyball scholarship to Penn State, but refused to take it. Instead she left for Israel to join the Israeli Defense Force. There she served three years and learned the Krav Maga she still instructs. She lives at least three months of the year in Israel with her grandmother, and the rest she travels all over the world teaching. She met a man she almost married in Israel, but he was too conservative so they broke up.

Strengths: Extremely athletic and very calm in odd situations.

Weaknesses: Afraid of tightly enclosed spaces, was once trapped under a collapsed building during a IDF rescue mission.

Reason for being traveling: Teaching Krav Maga to women's groups at Australian Universities. Her father had a bad fall so she had to leave early to help him.

A song to describe them or their life (optional, though very helpful): Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

Connections: Her ex-fiance was part of the Mossad and was captured and tortured by Sayid—though she doesn't know this. Had an arm put in a cast by Jack back when he was an intern. Sawyer's ex Cassidy took one of her classes.

Possessions: A large piece of cobalt blue sea glass her father brought her back from Greece.

Family: Father-Nikos Mellas, Mother-Miriam Mellas (maiden name Stein), very large Greek family she has never met, Grandmother—Golda Stein

Friends: Sayid—she appreciates his intelligence and military experience, Hurley—he gets her sense of humor

Enemies: Kate—hates that the group puts such trust in a convict and never calls out her errors

Pairings: Richard or Ben

Catchphrases: “I see...” Various curses in Hebrew

Anything else: Krav Maga is all about attacking fast and escaping so I'd kind of like to see her captured by the Others and almost escaping several times. Maybe this is how she builds an odd relationship with Richard or Ben.
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