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for SOS: Save Our Souls

4/11/2010 c22 47Girafe13
Oh sweet, I loved it! Amazing finale. Great job. Keep it going! I can,t wait for the next update!

Girafe13 :P
4/10/2010 c22 7Golden-Black Dragon
Wow, Jason's past was pretty sad. And Roxy's with the Tailies and Rousseau's dead(she didn't really do that much). Is it just me or is Aryel funnier with a broken leg? The Max/Claire moment near the end was cool.

@Elyad: When do you want me to PM you flashback ideas for Max?
4/10/2010 c22 15Key the Metal Idol
Cool, escape plans! If it turns out anything like Lost's usual escapes, I doubt everything will go smoothly. Looking forward to the next chapter!
4/10/2010 c22 27Oceanic Others Freak
loved it. Jason's backstory was very sad. :( And Roxy's with the Tailies now...should be very interesting to see what goes on when you get into season 2. :)
4/10/2010 c22 3BlistersOnMyFingers
I really liked this chapter, though I have to admit I'm just waiting for the freighter to show up (which wont be for a while) because thats where my character is, haha. And Desmond. Cuz hes my favorite.
4/10/2010 c22 6AlexaGeorge
Yay Charlie/Aryel! haha! My goal in life is officially complete! XD haha! I like how Roxy's with the Tailies now, that's awesome. And how Josie let three survivors out. And Michelle and Lilliana will meet again soon! (i hope) yay! sorry, i just had a lot of sugar, so i'm kind of starting to babble. Also, I agree with the Aryel being funny with a broken leg. I love when she jumps up like that! haha!
4/10/2010 c22 15everysonghasanending
Wow...that was a beautiful chapter, I loved it! poor jason tho :( hopefully laura will make him complete again, they make a great couple...and you write a great story! Update soon!
4/8/2010 c21 47Girafe13
Ho darling, I'm so glad that my reviews keep you going, because this story is amazing! It's a pleasure for me, really. The OCs are so interesting and well described. Your writing is awesome. I loved this chapter, really intense. I can't wait to see the next one!

With all my love,

4/8/2010 c21 7Golden-Black Dragon
And the truth about Yoon is revealed, and she knows EVERYTHING about everyone else. And who's going to end up dead?
4/7/2010 c21 15Key the Metal Idol
I've still been reading, but I fully admit I'm more motivated to review when I see my character at least mentioned (Killy yay!)-I'm shallow that way! Keep up the good work! 3
4/5/2010 c20 7Golden-Black Dragon
This was a cool chapter. It's interesting how we're learning more about the characters as the fic goes on. And Aryel's eulogy was cool I suppose. Interesting Luka/Josie moments and an interesting Max/Claire moment.

In Season 2: Max gets closer to Claire, particularly after her remembering what went on when she was captured by Ethan. Could Max be in the Hatch when it implodes?

Season 3: Max survives the Hatch implosion, but is separated from the rest of the group. He has a vision quest type experience and "learns" about the Island. After making his way back to the group, his relationship with Claire strengthens and deepens, but this is put to the test when the Others attack

Season 4: He is torn between his responsibilities and his wish to return home. Also, Max's sanity starts to slip when he has terrifying visions of the future. Maybe have him force to choose between looking for Claire and finally going home

Season 5: Well, Max's plot-arc in Season 5 depends on his choice in Season 4. But it would be cool if he ends up warping to the 70s.

Season 6: Max gets sent back to the present along with everyone who ends up in the 1970s. He is reunited with Claire, but this reunion is bitter-sweet.

Please update soon!
4/4/2010 c20 AlexaGeorge
Amazing chapter, definately one of my favs! I especially liked Aryel's eulogy, that was awesome! Yay for being less bitchy! XD haha! Well, the opposite for Roxy, haha! Great job, please update soon!
4/4/2010 c20 47Girafe13
Ho my! I totally loved it. The flashbacks were so great! I didn't expected Luka and Josie to do that. And I'm so glad that Erica is special. I can't wait to see what will happen with the raft and everything. Update soon!

3/30/2010 c19 7Golden-Black Dragon
So, Boone's dead. And Roxy and Izzy are sisters... Couldn't Max get more of a mention in a future chapter?
3/29/2010 c19 47Girafe13
I loved it! This chapter was awesome. Haww... Poor Boone. It's so heartbreaking. And Claire had given birth, yay! :D Keep going, this is amazing.

Girafe13 :)
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