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for Hellsing: A Different Beginning

12/16/2009 c11 15BigKwell
I would suggest looking-up copies of the Hellsing manga for suggestions. I would REALLY like to see you continue.
10/2/2009 c10 xiar
i do want you to continue... i like to know the fate of the 6 vampires - Seras, Alucard, James, Kyle, Ann, Helena... especially Seras and her destiny :) It been a fun trip :) and excellent fic!
10/2/2009 c10 meow114
awesome i hope you write a squeal with seras being a all powerful no-life-queen :P hopfuly with alot of Alucard/Seras action :D
10/1/2009 c4 ellokitty
I think your OCs are wonderful. They have personality and also adds personality to Alucard. Many times the writers just seem to make Alucard the crazy, insane, bloodthirsty maniac. Now he seems more 'human', lol. Anways, Great job. It would be nice to see more of the brothers in the story. It was really nice in chapter 4 at the end when the brothers were conversing with Alucard.
9/17/2009 c9 sam
u are doing FANTASTIC! this is amazing! plz, i cant wait 4 the next chapter! this is SO awesome! thanx so much!
7/22/2009 c8 Leaf Ninja 91
very good chapter.
7/22/2009 c8 BigKwell
So, the Baobhan Sith (Laura) has arrived! I wonder when she would show up. Wonder how the Moors will handle her!

You might want to research this, but a Baobhan Sith is a Celtic vampire from the north of the British Isles. Also called 'The White Women', they often wore dark green gowns as they used their hypnotic powers to lure men to their deaths.
7/12/2009 c7 Leaf Ninja 91
very good.
7/12/2009 c7 3Slomiti Andeo
Hey! Great chapter! But what I really reviewed for was to give you some more background on the "Bird of Hermes" quote on Alucard's coffin. The quote is originally from an alchemic scroll written in the 16th century by a man named Ripley. "Hermes" is another name for the element mercury, as well as the mythological representation of inspiration and creativity. Mercury is one of the only "unstable" elements present naturally on earth, being liquid at room temperature. So, your explanation fits right in, however there is so much more to the imagery present in this allegorical scroll I think you'd really enjoy. Type "Ripley Scroll" or "The Bird of Hermes is my Name" into google, and you can find the whole thing translated to english for your perusal. I would really suggest it! :)
7/10/2009 c6 15BigKwell
I noticed several errors that I think you should be notified. For instance, 'Sir Grimsby' should read 'Sir Hugh Islands', while 'Sir Perryworth' should've read 'Sir Shelby Penwood'. Otherwise, a good chapter.
7/10/2009 c6 3Slomiti Andeo
This was great! The whole Ann-Walter thing is cool. The poor guys deserves SOME sort of romantic interest, really...he's completely ignored otherwise! :] And I like the length, but then again, I read crazy fast, so it's just right. This is an awesome chapter. Thank you.
7/10/2009 c6 Leaf Ninja 91
this was very cool. the fight with Luke was pretty nice, and the implied relationship between Ann and Walter was a nice touch.
7/6/2009 c5 Leaf Ninja 91
Loved the Moor siblings back story you had Helena give. I all most forgot about her, I haven't seen the 13 episode anime in a long wile. nice reference to The Dawn with how Alucard and Walter met the Moor's
7/6/2009 c5 15BigKwell
Whoa! You've even brought-in Helena? I'm impressed!
7/6/2009 c5 3Slomiti Andeo
I love it! With the Moors' fighting and their back story, wound together through Helena's discussion with Seras-it was perfect! Thank you so much. I can't wait to see what you have in store for Alucard, and I REALLY can't wait until all three "master vamps" get into the action together (or I hope they will...don't let my excitement cast doubt upon the direction of your plot :]). It seemed like you put a lot of effort into this chapter, and I just wanted to express my gratitude. You've got a great piece of writing here.

P.S.: I loved Ann. She is awesome. Thanks again!
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