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6/26/2010 c1 5Dragon C. Chan
OMG ^_^
11/8/2009 c1 5Psychid
I'm glad that you took the importance of proper spelling/grammar seriously, but there are some things that have come to irritate me a bit:

-“. . . Bring forth the ultimate destruction! The strongest Jibakushin! Come forth, Wiraquchasca!” Wiraquchasca? Didn't you mean to say Wiraqocha Rasca? XD

-Although I know what the terms "Jibakushin" and "Shoukkan" mean in English ("Earthbound God" and "Summon", respectively), I prefer it if you made them the English translations, "Earthbound God" and "Summon", respectively. That way, we can get a better idea of what's what.

Great fic, though. ;)
9/8/2009 c1 23beautiful-surreal
That's sad. I'd like to read a bit where Crow is revived.
7/1/2009 c1 6Mopsy93
We all know that Crow survived the duel not just that also for some strange reason got Yusei's Tail birthmark after Yusei got the Head birthmark. I'm just as confused as anybody to the reason why Trudge/Ushio said "Don't loose, Crow!"
6/26/2009 c1 15CuteYami
Great oneshot, Natsumi. I'm sure facing the true face of his hero was difficult for Crow and you've captured that in this. I'm surprised you brought in Yusei's father at the end, though I think I can understand why after Crow and Yusei's moment in 57. And for Crow to think the duel could be his last... I like that thought, especially in comparison to what really happened ahead.

As for Crow taking it upon himself to become the next Legendary D-Wheeler - especially how the Daedalus scene was repeated as he soared towards Kuira - I love how you've emphasised just how Crow feels about something he's dedicated his life to. Again, great work, you're getting really good at these oneshots, I enjoy reading each one. Keep up the great work.

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