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for Dripping With Sin

5/18/2014 c6 Jokerandharley
This is Amazing! Please continue, I would love to continue reading it!
8/7/2009 c6 3TheBlackxRabbit
This is good. Keep it up.
6/26/2009 c2 EternalBlueRainbow
honestly for a first story this is very well done

I'd be proud if I were you.

Anways. I will creatively criticise you.

But only one thing. that your story moves along to fast. Like everything happens all at once.

Thats about it though. So kudos to you man! You'll be a great writer someday.

6/26/2009 c2 Blacklion2803
Good start, I loved the ending of the second chapter, when he blows smoke in her face as she leans in to kiss him. Very funny, I could definitely see the Joker doing that. To improve, maybe you should not take a new line for each sentence so its easier for the reader. Other than that, very good for your first fic! :)
6/23/2009 c1 1Kimbrely Ella Rose
i luvs it, ur good...why havent u ever let me read ur stories before?

can't wait for the second chapter...heck i cant wait for the rest of the freaking story.

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