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for A Rainy Midnight Run

9/27/2016 c7 TrippyKitty
Great job so far, very descriptive, true to the characters personalities and really fun to read. Can't wait for the lovey, cute romance!
4/29/2014 c7 42Legendgrass
Awesome all the way through. Write more!
12/20/2012 c7 XBloodyBaneX
doing really great! I cant wait for the next part.
10/28/2012 c7 13JediMayukiDaAWESOME
Awesome fic man! :D
Hop to see more soon! ;)
8/30/2012 c7 13music lover bwg
Very detailed. Good job.
8/11/2012 c7 KTrevo
I'm holding out for at least a kiss when they're in that cave and out of impending doom. Please?

Anyway, I ADORE your writing. Being a perfectionist is nothing to worry about- it dries you to make your story as good as it can possibly be, and that's something I respect :) Please, don't stop writing. Write even faster, if you can!
8/3/2012 c7 vegzombie
8/1/2012 c7 6Warrior of Virtue
Can't tell you how happy I was to see this fic continued. Looking forward to chapter 8.
7/30/2012 c7 12natlovesyou
Absolutely amazing! Your words just flow and they keep my attention going. You have a great vocabulary and this story is just perfect. I've been waiting for this next chapter.
Update soon!
7/30/2012 c7 21Starskulls
i love the story so far!:D
7/29/2012 c7 10Black.Heart.In.Her.Hands
I thought this was another one of those stories placed on a never ending hiatus. This was amazing! I felt as if I were the one getting chased by that creature!
Very good on the details and description of the beasts and settings.
I assure can't wait for more AP moments! Those are great too.
I hope you continue this!
10/31/2011 c6 5onefowlswan
Haha, I love your descriptions! "Several tons of enraged jungle beast", they are briliant! Are you going to fininsh this story? Please do! I really want to know what happens! :) Keep up the writing, you are great!

O. F. S.
1/17/2011 c2 45Overlord-Flinx
uh oh that's not good, thoughs storm clouds are going to BAD! i wonder what's going to happen to Aerrow & Piper.

1/17/2011 c1 Overlord-Flinx
that was a nice chapter, there a nice couple. i hope this goes good. i can't wait to continue reading this nice fanfic.

1/10/2011 c6 Echo22November
Oh yeah, an update! Yup, this chapter seems to have given you trouble all around, hasn't it? Yet despite the problems you've encountered with this fanfic, both with external influences and writing in general, you've managed to do a fantastic job at setting up a dark, dank atmosphere and keeping the characters in-character. Stork's nonchalantness with their near-death experience was most delightsome. :D You did a fabulous job at painting the scene where Aerrow and Piper are trecking through the tempestuous jungle as well. With a surly Torka Beast hot on their tracks, their situation seems more desperate than ever. I can't wait until your next update! XDXDXD
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