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for A Maraudering Graduation

5/29/2020 c5 Guest
I love it so much
9/6/2013 c1 Beside Moonlight
Aww. Minnie does care...! :D
2/27/2010 c5 sirius edward james remus
beautiful is all i cn say!
8/26/2009 c5 3The Mini Marauderettes
We really enjoyed this story, a good mix of funny and sad.

Keep up the good work :D

-The Mini Marauderettes
8/23/2009 c5 73thisisforyou
that was... that was... beautiful. Nice to see you included Peter there in the toasting and stuff, a lot of people (probably me included) would've left him out.

I love it and I'm so sad it's over!

-for you
8/21/2009 c5 BookWormBandGeek
"'Are you coming on to my cousin’s baby?'” Hilarious! Aww, it's so sad! I love it! Great stroy!

8/21/2009 c5 6chocolate fish
I loved it. I don't particularly like Pettigrew (for fairly obvious reasons) but you have characterized him well, way better than I ever could've. Kudos to you.
8/16/2009 c4 86Living in a fantasy
You finally wrote it, and I finally read it! The graduation was very nice, creative. Good job. Finish it SOON, we're about to start college xD
8/14/2009 c4 73thisisforyou
nice speech. I hope when i graduate someone comes up with something good like that.

i hope people don't memorise theirs so that i can change them. it sounded like fun.

good work.

-for you
8/12/2009 c4 BookWormBandGeek
Aw, that's almost depressing! Prank time though!

8/12/2009 c4 5angharad xoxo
hey, cool story what's the prank? xoxo
7/16/2009 c3 86Living in a fantasy
But if Sirius set eyes on ME he'd fall in love xD

A few errors but overall quite good. I love the wall decorating, it sounds so fun.
7/16/2009 c3 65Dawn96
I can't wait for the speeches! I just can't wait! Please update sooner!
7/16/2009 c3 73thisisforyou
you... are going to put remus's speech in this next chapter, aren't you? 'cuz I'm dying to hear it.

This is good, I think you had a few problems with tense (past/present) you kinda changed from one to the other a bit... but otherwise awesome story, good luck with the rest, and... have fun with the dromione!

-for you.
7/6/2009 c2 BookWormBandGeek
Ah, you need to update! Lol I love the plot, now the prank? Hurry up and tell us already! :D

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