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3/6/2015 c6 ShockedHorrified
I really do not understand why you, or anyone for that matter, think it is okay and/or good (plus whatever adjectives with positive connotations that exist) to write about someone being brutalized, tortured, sexually assaulted, etc. I only read till the end of this story because I was hoping for some kind of light in the darkness. I skipped through the terrifying rape scenes to find this light, only to realize that you did not include it. As someone who has gone through something very traumatizing in their past, how do you think it makes me, and others who have gone through something similar, feel? As I stated before, I do not understand why you think it is acceptable to write this? I find it horrifying and disgustingly disturbing. I am sorry if I sound petty or if my review offends you, but I honestly want to understand what could possibly inspire you to write such darkness and ugliness.
6/22/2013 c6 17Lord President of Gallifrey
This really good. I thought you might like to know. You really are a fantastic writer... _
3/27/2013 c6 3Aralas Baggins
Good story
9/29/2012 c5 Skykiddrio9762
Hahaha the kitty is so cute!
2/8/2011 c6 2Satyra J
I just finished reading this series. And all I can say is I absolutely loved it! The story was so raw and harsh it was astonishing I really felt I was reading a book! your a great author and would not be surprised if you made a great career out of your work! Not only did I love the story line but I loved your doctor. You captured his personality perfectly. Your writing was better than the actual show! every aspect of the characters was perfect, Great job, and I hope to read much more from you.

-Satyra Jade
12/30/2010 c5 16Asgardian Honor Society
The rape of this story was almost more than I could bear, which means it was good, if a bit too graphic. You can really capture the quirkyness and heart of The Doctor and the strength and charisma of The Captain, bloody job well done this is a brilliant sory; though if you don't mind my saying{too bloody bad, I'm gonna say it anyway} I truly hope R.T.D. NEVER turns this into an episode, I honestly don't think I could bear it; at least when I'm reading it, I can somewhat curtail the graphicness of the scene. Seeing it on my tele screen could just do me in, I absolutely adore Jack and I couldn't handle it if I saw him reduced to a bloody, sullied heap after having seen him as a strapping, jovial, charismatic firework of an omnisexual man. _ Well, off to peruse chapter νι! Thanks again for a bloody brilliant story!
1/8/2010 c6 2LyssaLaughable
aww Jack.

I mean really, stupid idiotic 'pain gives me pleasure' types of people.

How the hell do they get off on that?

Why can't they just accept that people are different than them?

Sorry, a rant was about to start, I will just cut it off here.

Anyway, I really liked this story and thought that your version of the doctor was so perfectly true to the real doctor.

And Jack's coping method was perfect as well =]

LyssaLaughable =P
9/17/2009 c6 Antimyself
This is a great story, I really hope you continue it. It's original, which is something often missing in fanfiction, and you seem to have that unique ability to see the characters in your own light. Best of luck with your writing.
7/4/2009 c6 Mademoiselle Sinistra
Ooh, very good. I really liked this story alot. Good job. Off to read the sequel!

~Mademoiselle Sinistra/Little Joe's Mistress
7/2/2009 c6 Athina
Wait, the end? Its a good thing you mentioned a sequel because I was going to cry! Jack obviously still has a way to recover, and the Doctor JUST realized and rationalized (kinda) his feelings! Oh such a cruel place to end it! I felt that the interactions between the Doctor and Owen were perfect, I never thought those two would get along too well. And that line; "in the end it was just sex” not only such an Owen thing to say, but probably how many people who get caught up in Jacks flirty personality would be thinking in the back of their mind. Good Doctor for his response to that one. Jack when he woke up broke my heart! You made it so emotional without being sappy! And at the same time, the Doctors attraction to him made me squeal with happiness! That's going to be complicated in the sequel, but a very delicious complicated. Maybe a little Doctor loving is exactly what Jack will need ;-)

I'm watching out for the sequel, pleasepleaseplease don't make us wait too long! Excellent job on the story, thanks for posting!
7/1/2009 c6 3Black Forests
Love this chapter too! Will be waiting for your sequel ;D
7/1/2009 c6 Sherlock's Sparrow
Excellent story, well done! Can't wait til the sequel!

Yours Sincerely,

Sherlock's Sparrow
7/1/2009 c6 Moonlight83
Oh that was another really great chapter loved the interaction between Owen and the Doctor.Jack trying to cover up what happened to him was to be expected but I'm sure the facade will crack sooner or later.

I'm really really glad there will be a sequel because I really look forward to see how Jack and the others will deal with what happened.Jack may think he can deal with this on his own but even he needs help to get over such an ordeal.

Hope the sequel will be up soon :)
7/1/2009 c5 athnina
Wow! wowowow. Chapter 4 was Amazing! Please take this as a compliment, but you do violence and horror extremely well! I'm in love with your Jack because you don't have him as some weak victim all through the assault. He's still Jack, which makes his breakdown SO much more heartbreaking! And excellent job with the assailants POV, I know I'm always telling you you're very good at getting in peoples heads, but you are VERY good at getting in your characters heads! Even the creepy ones, which is difficult!

Oh and then Chapter 5! My lord this scene completely delivered on the first four chapters promises! Again, loved how the doctor handled the realization of what happened. The imagery and description of his anger was unique and fantastic. And I'm really glad the Torchwood Team is still in the dark on the details otherwise I think I would have gone into meltdown reading this chapter!

Cannot wait to read about what happens when Jack wakes up! Thanks so much for updating so frequently, it makes you my fave person ever!

6/30/2009 c5 Black Forests
This is a good story, keep it up ^^
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