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for Go west Young Man

5/17/2013 c3 CaptainLeeches
I love it! Please update soon!
2/17/2010 c3 4Necron Zombie
Hm... Well written, to say the least. I'm a big fan of Newsies (As you know Snickers/Birdly, and I find this an interesting story on it. You interpreted the characters well into your story with the personalitys they had in the movie. The plot is nice, well thought out, and intersting OC's. Cant wait to read more
9/8/2009 c3 3FredWeasleysFutureWife
Update soon please! I want to know what happens. The chapters are kind of short though. You might want to lengthen them... and if your not planning on updating, I will totally adopt this! I love it.
8/11/2009 c1 Snickers
Birdly I need your help I can't get on the profile and it is driving me crazy help me please!
8/11/2009 c3 Snickers
Hay, good story so far Birdly ( I still can't get on the acount with my computer I need your help!) mission impossible thanks for reviewing I'm glad to hear you like Splinter she is my girl and Birdly is Shamrock isn't that cool! lol I look Snikers

(P.S. Birdly would it be posible for you to make the ajusments on our acount soon, PLEASE!)
6/25/2009 c3 6mission impossible
ahahaha I love Splints. There's a girl who can take charge. I like that Ace knows they're girls and I felt so bad for Spot while he was crying. Keep it coming. Riv
6/25/2009 c2 mission impossible
I liked it. The ending was still oh so suspensful but not as bad as last time. =) I liked the thing about Jack not really caring just because Spot is gay. It adds tension. Hm next chapter should a) be longer =) b)I really want Spot to be so mad and upset, mostly showing mad, that he's on the verge of a mental breakdown. Throwing things, swearing and yelling at everyone, that kind of stuff. Maybe lead in by showing a kid who got in the path of one of the thrown objects and now has a gash on his arm. Just a few ideas.


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