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for Hush or Singer?

7/25/2009 c9 59Hedgi
i would have reviewed sooner, but i just started reading today, anyway, i like the plot quiet a bit.. some things are 'off' fr the time period( x rays, measuring brain activity, respectable girls in pants) but over all it is a wonderfully writen fic.

if you still need girls,here is my OC

Name: Anntonietta 'Tiptoe' De Fazio

Age: 16

Height: about 5 ft,3 inches, can be changed if you wish

Looks: fluffy dark brown hair- (curly) green-grey eyes, big nose, Mediterranean complexion( she is Italian, fyi)

Personality: high spirited, witty, extremely caring, but very stubborn as well.

she Always wears long skirts ( mostly light colors with floral patterns and blouses ( mostly cream colored)

if you want to add anything more, go right ahead. if Race isn't spoken for, she'd like to be his Goil( no biggie if he is)

7/25/2009 c9 9reinventation
Well, I loved it! He's up, yay! Well, I can't wait for the next chappy!

Love Ya!

7/25/2009 c9 Eruanna Undomiel
I love it! Keep going! I do not have very much time to be on the computer every day (1 hour) and I love your story so much that I am printing it out so that I can read it whenever I want. Keep going! I want to read more! One of the things I like best about your story is how you incorporate the songs. That is really cool! Keep going!


7/23/2009 c8 Amy BlinkthePirate

I am loving this story to pieces! You have GOT to keep updating! When are you going to add my character?
7/23/2009 c8 reinventation
Congrats to your cousin! I loved this chapter! You know, you don't have to be physic to know what I think! You know I always like your work! I love the song choice, by the way! I can't wait for "a while" to be over so you can update! I honestly can't wait! Well, just to make something clear... I loved this chapter!

Love Ya!

7/23/2009 c8 Eruanna Undomiel
This is really good. You know I love your story. Keep it coming!

Congrats to your cousin!


7/21/2009 c7 reinventation
Howdy! Finnally, an update! I knew you could do it, lol! I really liked this chapter! I feel like, like hitting the people who did this to Mush! Well, don't worry! I thought it was really good! If anyone says different, don't listen!

Love Ya!

7/20/2009 c7 1Miss Sarah Louise
LOL Dr. Cullen... Clever.

I love that Jack defends Mush and Hush, even though many of the boys are uncertain about them.

You're really doing a fantastic job of humanizing these boys. Its one of the most emotionally driven pieces I've seen. Keep up the Great Work!

-Sarah =D
7/18/2009 c6 Miss Sarah Louise
Hey, I love this story so much! My one thing is that Spot seems a little too, I dont know, sensitive? Please dont kill me, I love this story so much!

I wanna be a newsie's girl- I hope I'm not too late! Can I be Skittery's goil? Here's what I'd love to be:

Newsie Nickname: Twinkle

Appearance: Tall (about 5 foot 6), auburn shoulder-length hair, green eyes, thin frame

Age: sweet 16

Backstory (in case you need it): Of Irish decent, Twinkle's real name is Annabelle O Reilly. She came here to New York on her own with her older brother, Patrick. Patrick is now in the U.S Military. She was a dancer back in her hometown of Dublin, and now performs with Medda. She speaks with a soft Irish accent. She met Skittery one night at Medda's, and the two have been inseparable since then. Her brother called her Twinkle-Toes because of her dancing, but Skitts shortened it to Twinkle cause of her sparkly green eyes.

Personality: sweet, soft-spoken, a bit of a temper due to her Irish blood, and generally shy around new people.

If you dont wanna put her in Hush or Singer? its all good.

-Sarah =D
7/3/2009 c1 9reinventation
Hey, I just wanted to restate that I absolutley adore this story! Even if I did do it on chpt.1.

Love Ya!

7/3/2009 c6 Amy
I would LOVE to be a character. I don't care who's girl she is, but I want her to be pretty,tough but kind, and you don't have to worry about making her a HUGE character ( you know, taking up alot of the story, hogging the attention from Hush )but I would like some dialogue. I REALLY LOVE this story! Keep up the good work!
7/2/2009 c6 reinventation
Sniff sniff. That was sad! I'm loving it though! I can't wait until you update! Get to work! Lol, I'm just kidding! I know how long it takes to make my work half decent, but, yours must take longer than that! I'm loving it, really, really loving it!

Love Ya!

7/2/2009 c4 Eruanna Undomiel
One of my friends wants to be in the party too.

Name: Alyssa

Age: The oldest of the couple

Newsie of Choice: Racetrack

Physical Discription: Short. Very short. Brown hair and eyes. Hair past the shoulders. Outgoing, and loud. Not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

Informal Outfit: Brown Knickers and blue shirt, long-sleeved, and a work boots, and a newsie cap.

Formal Outfit: A dress to the knees that is purple, short-sleeved with a big bow in the back.

Job: A job at a sewing factory. Lives in an apartment.

7/2/2009 c6 Eruanna Undomiel
10 review, this time? You'll kill me! Thanks for putting me in. I can't wait for the next chapter, this one was really good!

7/1/2009 c5 Eruanna Undomiel
Hey! Love the story. Very original. Love it.

I would like to be in your story. Here is my newsies discription.

Name: Melody

Age: A year younger than whatever newsies you pair me with.

Physical Discription: 5'5, Blond hair to her middle back, blue eyes, no bangs. Talks a lot with friends, shy with those she doesn't know. A leader.

I hope that can help you.

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