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for Hush or Singer?

7/1/2009 c5 Amy
I don't know about anyone else, but I am certainly reading and loving this story! It's refreshing to find such a pure fanfiction (you know without a bunch of sex,language, or drinking or drunkness) I am looking forward to reading the upcoming chapters so please update soon!
7/1/2009 c4 9reinventation
Of course I'm still reading it! I love it! And thanks for the credit for my review! No sggestions, though I like the creativeness you brought to this story!

Love Ya!

6/28/2009 c4 1a star fall
i really feel for hush! i think her handicap or lack of voice is so compelling. keep up the good work!
6/26/2009 c2 9reinventation
Kinda confusing. BUT it's a good story so far. Is she really mute or just don't want to talk? Well, anyways, hope it continues and gets better. Keep writing!

Love Ya

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