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10/11/2009 c1 230KKBELVIS
Hey there:

I came over to check out you stories...Gosh...this was so great! I'm glad I did. I adore...and I mean adore...drunk Sammy - really!

And you wrote this so perfect and smooth, I could see every detail! I like your style!

Dean's 'slap and tickle' LOL..Sammy Hagar...Broke Back Mountain moment...the line-up at the men's john...the whole bar clapping when Sam is brought safe and sound from the depths of the men's room LOL...OMG...presious. Poor Sammy, I can't blame him...puking sucks. I love how Dean tells him to keep his eyes open and not to puke...and then there was sick everywhere - damn I swear I coudl smell it. You are very descript...And the whole circle of life bit choked me up. I like! I could gush and gush..but you get the point...I loved your story.

I especially enjoyed the fact that you wrote both brother's pov's. POV being my favorite style to read.

Was way cool, knowing this was based on a true story...You must have had some night - LOL...good times!

Good going...I want more stories from you...soon? Yes? More sick Sam? Drunk or otherwise...HM?

Thanks for a really fun read,

On alert...

6/25/2009 c1 64TraSan


This was hilarious and touching. A nice combination. And yeah, it was a HUGE mess.

Well done, girl!

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