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10/1/2009 c5 6Hypermanic
-glomps- IT'S PERFECT!

AND! You got her exactly right! I do love good food.

When you uys find her -me- have her in a ramen-eating contest with Naruto and WINNING! -grins- or something like that...

I'm not very good with humor. :( (:

But I have a super-awesome-activity-hating imagination. So, yeah... Like I said before, let me kick Sasuke in the nuts a couple of times before running off.

Ja ne!
9/30/2009 c1 zeldarox11
I think it'd b fun 2 have friends that randome, hehe unfortunately im not that creative even if i do randomly start talking about food like apple pie or mint & chocolate chip icecream which is ironic cuz im skinny as a twig
9/28/2009 c5 zeldarox11
Lolz i luv ur stories, kinda like me and my friends, were randome but we dont actually spout things like jelly filled doughnuts or flaming llamas or wathever, lmao, anywayz just wanted 2 say keep writing b4 i lose wat little sanity i have left

9/25/2009 c4 Hypermanic
Ne,ne Heather-chan? Do you think you could do me a mega-major fovour? Please? -insert puppy dog eyes-


-puts tips of index fingers together in a Hinata moment-

Could you maybe insert me in your fic? Maybe just have me suddenly appear as a random, real world girl who swears like hell when you first meet her? Do it however you want, but call her Rachel so i know. Oh and uh, no pairing thanks. Just make sure I kick Sasuke in the nuts a few times. :)

And if you don't do it, I totally understand. I really don't mind. Honest to heart. -smiles- send me a PM back, okay?
8/6/2009 c4 4So Happily Unsatisfied
Wow! I have not been on fan fiction for a LONG ARSE time, but I'm glad I finally caught back up with this one. Funny and random as usual. I really, really wish Choji was behind Matt when you screamed that line about stealing food, though. Teehee. Update soon!
7/26/2009 c4 10Evelyn Dark
Hannah...sometimes I wonder how you come up with these things. Then I think of the fact that everyone of our friends, minus Amber..or not, is compeltly out of their minds and say stupid stuff that's great for random fic material...

or you get them off of stupid TV shows that you just seem to watch anyway. lawl

Evelyn Dark
7/26/2009 c4 Hypermanic
LOL! I`ve actually only heard the Spongebob song. It made both me and my frıend crack up. AND, even though she`s not a member, I have convınced her to read thıs story! YAYS! Though...when she wıll do ıt ıs a dıfferent problem. :(

Keep wrıtıng the story!
7/24/2009 c3 6Dreaded redhead sand-ninja
lol omg
7/18/2009 c3 6Hypermanic
I HAVE INTERNET! YAYS! I may ust live 'til the end of my holidays!

Keep going! Though I'll probably die from laughing whilst reading this fic.
7/17/2009 c3 Inner Sakura
Hahahahahahahahaha. Your funny!
7/16/2009 c3 10Evelyn Dark
Oh lol yes~! My FLAMING LLAMA~!

Kick him in the clayton *snickers* good times, good times...even though I wasn't there for the moment but.. FUNNY STILL!

._. I love you Hannah...

Will you marry me~?

AND I 3 Hidan because he cusses a lot

I 3 Kisame cause he reminds me of a fish.. SUSHI! ._.

I 3 Diedara cause you can make dirty jokes on his hands..


Evelyn Dark
7/16/2009 c3 9Chariline

Poor neji, lol. I love to beat on the naruto characters. (Mostly cause they're not real. Naruto Cast: OHYEAH? Me: ... Shit.)

So, what's the Clayton joke?

3 Chari
7/16/2009 c3 xxAshuriixx
I loved this chapter! What exactly does "I KICKED HIM IN THE CLAYTON!" mean? I'd like to know so I can freak out my friends!
7/4/2009 c2 6Hypermanic
Giant Yellow Rare African Snail?

Holy fuzzy wooden bacon?

What the hell? -bursts out laughing- that made me crack up! I've got to use those phrases!

Please update soon! And THANK YOU! Thank you for beating up Karin. She is such a *censored*!

-sighs- It's about time somebody did it. I'm just sorry iy wasn't me.
7/3/2009 c2 2akatsuki-fan-18
XD I LOVE THIS STORY! i can barely keep from laughing so i can actually read it (my mom thinks i've gone insane because im laughing so much but idc) plz update soon *puppy dog eyes* ^_^
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