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7/17/2010 c1 4citylights319
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. I need to read the rest but if ewhat i think is going to happen happens. phewww. this is a bit more original than the others.
8/26/2009 c5 Mopiece
Author notes as chapter are not allowed. I'd take this down.

6/29/2009 c3 Mopiece
I've been meaning to read this and review it, and I finally got around to do it. I like it, to say the least. The canons seem to be in character. And instead of welcoming her with open arms, they're unsure of her, and don't welcome her warmly, very realistic. Keep up the good work.

6/29/2009 c3 53Swing Girl At Heart
Despite the fact that I've never read Outsiders, I really like this. It was very well-executed, and the way the characters spoke was very easy it picture :) Good job, D.
6/29/2009 c3 13whatcoloristhesky
Wo. They didn't accept her like their own. lol

Um, be careful of mixing up women and woman. I feel like there was something else, but I can't remember it.
6/27/2009 c2 whatcoloristhesky
I wanted to review this last night when I read it, but I never got around to it. I'm liking the twist you've put on the long lost sister. It actually makes sense and it changes the whole GaryStu image of Mr. Curtis. It's great!

Update soon.
6/26/2009 c1 5meera reed
oh suspiciouss! love it, good luck, update soon.

put ponyboy in it cus i love him

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