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for A Perverts Dream: Pokegirl Style

7/24/2009 c3 2The Last Rising Of The Phoenix
7/24/2009 c3 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter update soon.
7/24/2009 c3 Lord Grond
7/24/2009 c3 11chm01
still great
7/24/2009 c3 alone shadow dream
fun chap
7/23/2009 c2 Elemental Medadragon God
Well it could be better but hey its your story. as recomadations for the girls. They should be a A-Bra and Tigress.
7/23/2009 c2 32King of the Fallen
Pretty good please update soon.
7/21/2009 c2 DeadOblivion78
I've read plenty pokegirl stories where most of them failed but your story is much more different than the ones I've read. So keep up the good work and don't give up!
7/20/2009 c2 werdnakcep
more please
7/19/2009 c2 noshadowone
Yeah keep up the good work. i like reading these type of stories it just seems ppl allways give up writing them, ad it causes people to not read them bc they dont want to invest the time in it. but maybe youll break the trend and keep putting out decent chapters.
7/18/2009 c2 Lord Edric
i'm sure there are more fans just give it time
7/18/2009 c2 Lazarian
there are tons more PG fans, no worries. is just that its kinda hard to find PG/Naruto crossovers. I mean, so far i've only seen two others aside form yours and i had to find them from the actual PG website.

Okay idea although i was hoping naruto would get more characteristics from kyuubi aside from insane stamina. Also, will there be a chance for naruto to develop his being a shinobi? like scrolls from ero-sennin or a secret bloodline limit or something. It might be a bit boring if he's just watching from the sidelines like normal tamers.

looking forward to your next chap and good luck!
7/14/2009 c2 Tsignotchka
The story feels somewhat rushed. Add some more punctuation, fix the run-on sentences, and get a good Beta would be the best options right now. Like the story though :)
7/14/2009 c2 2The Last Rising Of The Phoenix
Saf mad story
7/12/2009 c2 2rjkeith
Yes I do have two pokegirls that I would like to see. One would be the Gojilia hope I spelled that right. I have not seen her in any of the pokegirl stories that I have read. As of the second I have a couple that could be good here's the list G-POINDEXTER,PLUSSY & MIBOOBSY,Dryder, or Titto. You could put in Menage-A-Trois just to see how Naruto would handle a girl with nothing put sex on her mind. It would be instersting that's for sure. The reason you may not find many people reading this story would be that a lot of people who read and know about pokegirls don't like crossovers with powerful characters such as Naruto their are people who do like them like myself but not that many. So far you story looks good and I can't wait to read more. So keep up the good work. I would tell you if you wanted ideas to go to unfortinutly the site is under reconstuction I just hope they get it back up as soon as posible.
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