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for A Perverts Dream: Pokegirl Style

3/17/2011 c7 Megadimension ForEver 01
Sweet love the fight between Tiffania and Queen hope you do more of them
3/17/2011 c7 Aaron Leach
Awesome chapter.
3/17/2011 c7 16Wyrtha
Nice story so far.
3/17/2011 c7 2Hades45
Very nice. I like the interaction.
3/17/2011 c7 karthik9
it is excellent chapter i look forward to future updates
3/16/2011 c7 11chm01
question, are tiffania and naruto hooking up in the future.
2/9/2011 c4 Bocchama
ahahah tiffania nice!
1/29/2011 c2 7Passionate-Eyes
For some reason when I try to picture the jokette I seem to picture Harley Quinn from from the Batman series
1/17/2011 c6 bio-wulf 420
hey man update already the bro and put a lemon in it
12/26/2010 c6 deathhides
really good
12/24/2010 c6 Rickjames196
omfg ihy shit just hit the fan and no more chapters T.T
12/24/2010 c5 Rickjames196
mikoto is bein an emo
12/24/2010 c4 Rickjames196
yes i love tiffania ahahaahaha naruto gotta tame jessie for stealin his pokegirls XD
12/24/2010 c3 Rickjames196
lulz aya is goin psycho
12/23/2010 c2 Rickjames196
oh em gee whos watchin naruto
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