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1/19/2016 c2 32freyjaera
Wheeee.. I love Blank and Ruby too.. It's awesome.. :3
1/19/2016 c1 freyjaera
The color is yellow right? I almost cried at the end.. I didn't expect that.. aww.. but it's great :3
1/19/2016 c6 freyjaera
Yay.. I finished reading this.. It's awesome.. and I think the last color is orange.. Chap4 is sad but good.. Oh.. I like the idea of partnering the two in Chap5.. Chap6 is sweet hahah.. I got all the colors right Yehey! (I really did3
3/24/2010 c6 Rayne Fair

Haha, that was cute. Can't wait to read the last one.
3/24/2010 c5 Rayne Fair
Oddly enough I can see them as a couple...
3/24/2010 c4 Rayne Fair
Very good writing, though I wish I could decipher who the "he" was in this here oneshot... hmm...
3/24/2010 c3 Rayne Fair
I adore Beatrix. She has a way of making that rustbucket turn to putty with a few simple words. LOL. Great job.
3/24/2010 c2 Rayne Fair
Interesting pairing XD I liked it.
3/24/2010 c1 Rayne Fair
I really liked the interaction between the two, but the last part made me cry... I wanna see more. XD
2/21/2010 c6 8Yvi-sama
aw... thats cheesy ^^ but sweet.

I love the titel of this chapter
2/21/2010 c3 Yvi-sama
Yay, Beatrix wins (as allways ^.-)

*lol* there was an advertisement for wedding dresses while I reads this on the pageĀ“s botton^^
2/21/2010 c1 Yvi-sama
T.T so good. sweet and sad... perfect!
9/15/2009 c6 4A.R. Carpenter
Aw, and naturally you left the best to last. I can imagine Zidane and Garnet turning gray and he's STILL unleashing oglops everywhere. Wonderfully cute series. :D
9/15/2009 c3 A. Carpenter
I've never read a fic about Beatrix or her relationship with Steiner, but I utterly ADORE this. Beatrix is so ruthlessly clever, and you describe her so well as beautiful and pants-wettingly frightening at the same time. I hope do you a bit more abou them both. :D
8/23/2009 c6 2Even Glore

Cute! epic! I loved every story =]
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