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8/15/2009 c6 2Lonely Citadel
Hi! Um... Yellow, red, white, grey, brown, and I'm guessing... Green? And, again, why must you draw Garnet so beautifully? Wish I could do that;m;
8/7/2009 c6 Faith Angel
Yay! Zidane and Dagger. XD I knew it, but it wasn't difficult. It was cute though. Zidane's so cheesy sometimes, but geez, he makes it work! Why! Oh, just for the heck of it, I wanna show you a cheesy flirt line.

"Do you have a parking ticket 'cus you have fine written all over you." XD *giggles* One more and then I'll stop. "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U N I together."

XD Sorry, I couldn't resist to share that. But anyway, I loved "Box of Crayons." It just dawned on me that each chapter represented a color, so here it goes.

Yellow, Red, White, Grey, Brown, and Orange! XD

Vuala! My discovery! (Plus I read your author's note but let's pretend I figured it out. ;D)

Glad to hear "Foundations" is coming! XD I wanna see how Zidane's and Garnet's relationship will grow.

Much love!

God Bless!
8/7/2009 c6 Sae
Aw.. xD Its soo cute! I like it. Zidane's so cheesy but WHO CARES! Girls likes that lol! I can't wait for Foundations. I hope you upload it soon :]
8/2/2009 c6 14Caitlyn-4479
Argh, I missed chappie 5! D: Now I can't guess the colour -cries- But I'm guessing this one if orange ^^

Very cute, love how Zidane is still the annoying monkey who throws sexual jokes all the time at his faviorite gal xD

Can't wait for the sequel to Brick by Brick! =D
8/1/2009 c6 16Myshu
Hmm! I reckon I'll have to agree with orange. And the "ploughing" pun slew me, as well. Hah! I like how, even after moving into the castle, Zidane never quit acting like a bachelor slob (in its goofy way, that makes him all the more endearing, eh Garnet?)

So, once again you take a ficlet that would be quaint in any other author's hands and turn it into something fascinating, elegant and sweet-and I can say the same for all the chapters. Everything was expertly composed, and you deserve much kudos (even if they were all warm colors-what's up with that? Just kidding, of course)!

Catch you on the next fic!
8/1/2009 c6 Katsumara
Ahh. This was a great chapter. Very fun indeed. Gonna say orange due to the pumpkins and such?

Either way, I love some Zidane/Dagger action. This line: “Nothing beats a good ploughing from the Tribal, as you very well know.” - had me laughing so hard. Great stuff as always! Looking forward to that sequel of "Brick by Brick"!
7/28/2009 c5 Faith Angel
Aw, this is pretty cute! I love the title, too. "Box Of Crayons." XD So adorible.

I love all the couples...well, except for Fratley/Freya and Amarant/Lani ness thing goin' on. I believe I mentioned in a past review that I have always been a loyal fan of Amarant/Freya, but that doesn't matter. Your little stories were very cute and real.

Hmm...I wonder who the next coupling will be on the last chapter. ;D 'cause I really can't think of anyone else except for the star coupling of the game.

God bless!
7/27/2009 c5 3Turismo11
Let's see... a rundown dirty bar, muddy boots, the mud from said boots, Lani's skin, crappy tasting stew, and cheap "cat-piss" ale. Brown!

The color is brown!

Nice chapter here. Learned a bit from this one too. :)
7/27/2009 c5 16Myshu
I am definitely thinkin' brown.

(Hey, we're overdue for some colors on the cool end of the spectrum! Grey don't count, m'lady.)

My favorite part of this one is the setting. Great atmosphere with the crowded-yet timid-pub and the storm outside.

And of course, so many people consider this couple canon that it's not really so weird, but it's still a treat. And fitting! Lani is very fun; she's a firecracker. Just the perfect type to stand up to Amarant and annoy the crap out of him (besides Eiko I guess, hahaha.)
7/27/2009 c5 Katsumara
Wow. This was really, really good and I've never been a big Amarant fan. Surprisingly, some people out there like to write Amarant/Dagger together. Can you believe that? D:

ANYWAY - Did not expect Lani at all, but I suppose I should have.

Great work!
7/27/2009 c5 15ganetto rain
I've never thought that Amarant/Lani was a random couple, surprisingly! I've always liked their relationship - Amarant's heck-care-yet-not-exactly-heck-care attitude (sorry, I know I'm being unclear here D:) - even though it wasn't exactly developed properly. (I've always liked the ending scene with Lani and Amarant!)

But yesh, this was a great chapter! and I think you got Lani and Amarant down to pat, which is really pretty awesome. -two thumbs up!- XD
7/25/2009 c3 DaggerAran13
Aww I love SteinerxBeatrix ^^ I think the color for this one is white, since it involves doves, weddings, lots of parchment, and surrender (the white flag)
7/24/2009 c4 3Turismo11
Nice chapter, nice story. I'm guessing the color here is grey, more specifically dark grey. You know the gravestones, the dark clouds, and stuff.

So yeah, I'm guessing the color is grey.
7/24/2009 c4 14Caitlyn-4479
Sorry I didn't review last chappie! -feels terrible- But I say white! xD I loved how you did last chappie. And this chappie didn't disappoint either =D Though the colour? Either you lied about it being easy or I'm having an off day x] Hey I have an exam tomorrow, no judgey xD

Loved it, Can't wait for the next chappie! ^^
7/24/2009 c4 16Myshu

Gads, poor Freya never really catches a "happy ending," or even a complete one.

I enjoyed the morbid set-up (especially her surreally blithe notion that she died), and I sympathized with her irritation and indifference. This is such a tragic couple, especially when you know they're both trying so hard-and you got that across excellently.
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