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for How a witch hunter became a witch

5/8/2014 c2 4TheFluffyBakura
This is VERY interesting w
I love the anime witch hunter robin, so i was curious bout one being a crossover with Harry potter OwO AND SO FAR ITS GREAT TwT
I can't wait for her to meet harry, then to go to the sorting :D Just imagine when everyone finds out bout her being related to harry w *squeals in delight*
5/31/2013 c2 3yukixvongola
The next please :)
3/7/2012 c2 1smexyforever

Would like to
7/3/2011 c2 1WillowPuff
Well i like where this is going and i hope that Robin will show her flame and she and Harry will get along well and will kick the headmasters butt for being mean!
8/21/2010 c2 5Dark Neko 4000
what going to happen next
9/14/2009 c2 foxykitsuneyouko
awesome story please update as soon as you can please

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