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for Two Worlds Collide

8/24/2009 c1 21Rainbowscape
I really liked this. I couldn't remember if I'd reviewed or not, but saw I hadn't so here you go. Thumbs up! This was beautiful.
6/28/2009 c1 15TrinityFlower of Memories
This was BEAUTIFULLY written-I'm not kidding. I love your style and everything! Way to go! And nice usage of the context for the two songs!
6/27/2009 c1 29AshleyInWriterland
Aw, this fic was cute yet sweet...and I'm glad you kept it friendship Rosie/Carter, not romantic Rosie/Carter (not a fan of that).
6/27/2009 c1 Jordin
I almost started crying because my best friend is going to be away for three weeks and I'll miss her SO much.

Great story! Luv it!
6/27/2009 c1 EALRunaway
That was sweet. I liked that.
6/27/2009 c1 32Alyssa4Music4Life
Aww I love it! =D

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