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8/29/2011 c1 26Xx-Regina-Phalange-xX
Very realistic. I enjoyed this emencly. *Grins*
5/31/2010 c1 28BlackPuma137
That was such a good chapter. It was wonderful writing, and really tapped into Kate Beckett! I loved it!
1/20/2010 c1 14muuski
I like it, but Kate must have bought new books, cus hers were clean and said "From the library of Katherine Beckett". A bit sad.
7/4/2009 c1 4Wake-up Soon
Interesting take about how she got into Castle's books - I like it!

6/30/2009 c1 Miss Mila
You're right, Castle doesn't have many serious moments, but, as a serious fic, this was really good.

A nice insight into Kate's life.

Awesome job,

6/29/2009 c1 25PhoenixWytch
Neat idea. I like.

Thanks for writing.

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