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for Vence's Journey: Prologue to Pilgrimage

7/19/2009 c1 1belhotte
man what a way to start a morning

me wants to read more lol
7/15/2009 c8 1Vivronkasaur
whe! can't wait to see what you do with all this! quite intense.
7/12/2009 c2 8Illusion-Factory
Really feeling bad for the poor kid getting dropped off in the middle of nowhere like that. And he's probably scarred for life what with his first battle ending with him accidently killing the other pokemon and all...

If you still have a need for oc's let me know and i can loan you the use of one or all three of mine.
7/10/2009 c6 1Vivronkasaur
that unown really doesn't like Vence XD Shi- what's gonna happen?

YAY I can't wait to see what you do with Vivian!
7/8/2009 c5 SwAlLoWiNg DaNtE
I'll send you the history about virgil later if you want it...
7/6/2009 c4 Vivronkasaur
either i read incredibly slow, or this was a very long chapter XD

good GOD. the darkness. it's like dark chocolate *drools* so bittersweet.
7/6/2009 c1 SwAlLoWiNg DaNtE
What up, cherry...the story so far is really good. didn't know you wrote this back in 2007...well, anyways keep up the good work. XP

your yaoi maniac rebel,

7/6/2009 c3 Vivronkasaur
i'm really digging the darkness of your story ;D if it's as good as this, it should be M. i am very jealous of your defining abilities XD (it's probably cuz my story's barely a shade of gray.)

anyway, fantabulous job again! and what's wrong with a bit of OC :P you're only calling for gym leaders whom you have plots for ;D nice bit of thinking! (i may have too send an OC app xD)
7/5/2009 c3 2buneary709
Wow... this story is getting interesting. I think you should keep this definetely rated a T, but it depends.
7/4/2009 c2 1Vivronkasaur
oh wow! you detail things quite vividly! that was kinda messed up what his parents did XD

and yeah, our characters are almost opposite, but they have a few similarities :P

EXCELLENT job! *favorites*
6/30/2009 c1 2buneary709
Sounds great so far! continue soon!

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