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for i Lumbulello or From the Shadow

1/14/2019 c4 9TheDarkLordofDoom
I find that I rather enjoyed this little AU. Of course, I have a few more criticisms than I would usually have for your stories, but it remains an *admirable* idea nonetheless.

A Sauron-captures-Lúthien story is a wonderful idea yet a truly hard find. I liked Sauron's initial trickery, as that seems exactly what he would do. However, I find him somewhat more 'soft' and more sympathetic with her... The Sauron I know from canon, if he had Lúthien in his power, would most probably have brutally tortured and then obliterated her (although not without injury), not even bothering to inform Melkor due to his wish of vengeance.

However, even though I am a fanatic for canon, I must admit I do prefer your version of Sauron to the canon version.

The plot, if a little rushed, fits very well, although there are some holes, including how Lúthien was able to undo Sauron's powerful enchantment, and how she had enough strength to do so. It also seems odd to me that Sauron would leave her like that- being a very organised Maia who plans for most outcomes, he would undoubtedly have arranged for her to be carried around in her cage wherever he went.

'Felagund's power- Finrod is dead. It may be a mistake if you wish to refer to Orodreth, and at that time thought 'Felagund' a title bestowed to Nargothrond's king, but still a hole nonetheless. That said, I did quite enjoy his role in this. Sauron sent in circles and circles around Taur-nu-fuin looking for a sham-Huan? Brilliant, and one of the few things he would fall for.

The archaic flavour is very well achieved, but I find a constant use of 'And so...", "And then..." "And now..." and other expressions. The third-person narrative is being used to expound rather a lot which would be perhaps better achieved by using dialogue.

A few grammar mistakes notwithstanding, it astounds me you wrote this at that age. My, my, if your older self was to write something like this, I would greatly enjoy it.
6/28/2013 c4 5SecstoThrowItFB
And so Luthien's parents could see her again and perhaps Thingol wouldn't be such an idiot with the Silmaril- you're brilliant, mellon nin!
1/25/2013 c1 35Ardhoniel Marvelite
I really like this story, I've read it a few times, but for some reason, i only now noticed one small mistake (sorry): You refer to Luthien's father as 'Thingol Sindollo' and i've never seen it written like that in any of Tolkien's work. In Sindarin (his peoples' language) his name is Elu Thingol, and in Quenya, (the language of the Noldor) his name would be rendered as Elwe Singollo. I think you got the two a bit mixed up! Other than that, awesome story :D
6/26/2010 c4 May
Nice little AU story!

Maybe you could have written more about it, but it's still a very cool idea :-)

It's always making me feel happy to find a new Sauron fic, even when it's not a romance...^^

Keep up with the good stuff!
3/10/2010 c4 5Lucy Took
Very good,but this chapter seemed a bit rushed compared to your last ones. It seemed to end a bit suddenly,and I was hoping for a little bit more from Luthien's POV.

Ending paragraph is very good though. :)

~La Took
3/10/2010 c3 Lucy Took
Oh. Love this one,it's really picking up :)

You writing is still very descriptive and "Tolkienish" but it's much more relaxed,like you've finally gotten to a part that you wanted to write(I also got that impression when Sauron fist came in. You /do/ like the baddies...). I like that,it's easier to read.

3/10/2010 c2 Lucy Took
Very interesting plot twist,like the adding of plot,it really picks up,it was starting to drag slightly.

But so does the Sil in places :P. You really are a wonderful forger of Tolkien's style.

Come to think of it...this is the first non-humor Sil fanfic I've read. I've read plenty of funny ones("Strange Alliances" is the best!),but never a serious one.

3/10/2010 c1 Lucy Took
Only one review? How very sad :(,and you have done such a good job at capturing the Tolkien writing style.

Intriguing intro. The language is much more "Tolkienesque" than your average fanfic,but it seems less forced than some lesser attempts that I've seen.

~Tooky,servant of Eru and maiden of Vàna

PS. Yup,the person you met at the library :P Hi!
7/1/2009 c4 Deleted Account Pending Remove
Absolutely delightful! I never thought of Beren, Luthien, and Dior having adventures once they were living on Tol Galen. What a great idea! And it makes a wonderful adventure story. It's a little AU since you've got a couple characters in this fanfic who were supposed to be dead by this time, but so what? I like this version. :)

Your writing stle and use of language works very well in this. It's almost like reading more of the Silmarillion, only it moves faster than most of the book does. I especially appreciate the way the characters talk - very much like the way they do in Tolkien's writing. You've also got several excellent turns of phrase, and I love all your descriptions of places, people, etc! They're so cool to read!

I've read very little about Dior, and I love the characterization you've got for him in this fic. The same goes for the way you've written the characters I know better, both the good and the evil, and especially Huan! They all seem exactly like themselves. Very, very well thought out and written story! I'm putting this in my favorite stories immediately!


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