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9/20/2014 c28 16Luteana
Seriously, I am covering my mouth right now to keep from squealing with delight! This is exactly the ending that Donia and Keenan and this story deserve. Just the right touch of romance without being cheesy. And I loved that you had them dreaming about each other again, like in earlier chapters!
Overall I can say that I am beyond happy that I found this gem of a story and found my best friend through it. I can't imagine my life without you anymore, India And I am so proud that you finished this at last!
1/4/2013 c22 Pikachu
I would really like to see Donia kick Asta's ass in a fight.
"who does she think she is?" oh, I don't know. May I suggest, the winter court's kickass QUEEN?
8/1/2012 c15 Luteana
Okay. This chapter has officially killed me. Let me just write down my reactions:

The engagement; Me: Hold up for a sec. Are you SERIOUS? NO, goddammit!
Keenan's lovely presents for Donia and her reaction; Me: I love you. I love you both. Let me hug you.

Some day, I'll end up in a hospital with a heart attack caused by your story. But I'll be very glad about it.
7/4/2012 c12 Luteana
Sorry! That new review was actually mine! :)
7/3/2012 c14 Guest
You have no idea how much I freaked out with excitement when I saw that you updated this story! And oh, all the emotional trauma you caused me.. I squealed with joy when they met again, I had tears in my eyes when they fought, and at one point I actually screamed "Just KISS her, you idiot!" Don't mention the end.. when they said they were just best friends, I just scoffed: "Yeeeaahh, right.." Ah, you leave me with so much anticipation! I just want them to get back together.. so badly! I really can't wait for the next chapter!

I applaud you. This chapter was a sweet torture to me, but it was so good!
3/20/2012 c13 Wickedlovely041
Love it
1/17/2012 c13 8CrystalFlowers
I. Love. This!

My favorite chapter!
10/6/2011 c11 CrystalFlowers
Omg are donia and keenan going to meet up? please continue!
10/5/2011 c1 CrystalFlowers
aw :) I needed some Keenan/Donia today lol
9/12/2011 c2 emmy
What you got to say?"

Sorry hun but I don't think keenan is black.
9/12/2011 c1 emily
This is very good but in order to write a successful fanfiction you should really watch your spelling.
11/15/2010 c8 TheBookAddict
Ha! Take that Keenan ;) Aquil's so adorable =D
6/12/2010 c6 3Rainchecker
Hey good going! You've really nailed Donia (and Keenan and Aislinn but Don is definitely the hardest) I'm happy this last chapter was a little cheerier. I loved how Aislinn and Donia start off sniping at each other and being all formal and by the end of the night they're best friends kidding around. One thing you should do is proofread a bit more carefully, especially that last chapter with Keenan. Oh and I really like your OCs. They're really rounded out and not at all clich'ed. Its funny that Keenan is now the mopey one who can't think of anyone else and Donia is the one chasing the new love interest. Winter KING anyone? Hmmm? Hah! Serves him right. Go mope Keenan! Go mope in California! I still want them back together though. I mean Aquil's cool and so is Aislinn but Donia and Keenan are MEANT TO BE no matter what the stupid staff says. Happy writing! -Rainchecker
3/7/2010 c6 TheBookAddict
This chapter was really fun, =D Donia is becoming Donia at last!
1/9/2010 c5 TheBookAddict
aww, i actually feel sorry for Keenan, =( Update soon I can't wait to see what he does =D
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