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11/8/2017 c1 61spittingllama7856
Hahahahahahahahaha. I am dyyyyiing right now. Dicktits! Lol, I can't stop laughing. Jeez.
4/11/2012 c1 TheWarriorQueen
I can't remember if I've reviewed this before. Probably not, even though I'm now reading this for the third time.

Excellent vocabulary, good grammar, correct spelling, hilarious premise, and classic epilogue. Most crack!fics don't have an epilogue, but you pulled it off with gay aplomb. (Hehe, I made a pun.)

I have to say, one of the funniest crack!fics I've ever read, without the usual informal-style-of-writing pitfalls that catch most crack!fic authors. This one's going on my favourites list.
7/17/2010 c1 9Kit Brightside
i get it now! hogwarts castle is a girl... a yaoi fan girl, but, can you blame it? though is also makes you wonder about the people who made it... anyway, nice work. it's good for a laugh (and i hope that's what you're going for, because i really don't want to insult you...) ^-^
7/8/2010 c1 13Twilightfans

the screen stuff was just weird... but funny as hell.

very nice detail though.
2/6/2010 c1 7Lonely Parasol
ah, not my top pick for a smutty read - but I happened to definitely enjoy it :P

ronxdraco are a very intriguing pair to write - and I like that you actually kept Draco in character and made their assignation fairly believable

also the ending is horrifying and humorous

- Lux
11/17/2009 c1 1ConorOberst63
That was extremely odd, but hilarious! And an original way of doing the whole "seventh year repeat" scenario... :P

- purplerawr
10/27/2009 c1 mjmusiclover
ahh very sweetly well written :D
7/19/2009 c1 4lydac is here
hahahaha that was funny
7/18/2009 c1 38Utena-Puchiko-nyu
We all love that room XD

Kisses from Argentina!
7/12/2009 c1 15ShunnedChipmunk

wow. if you thought up the concept of dicktits all by yourself, i applaud you, i had no idea such a thing could ever exist. lol. i couldn't stop laughiing.
7/12/2009 c1 1Chloe-LuvDaBug
Hahaha! Very creative! The dicktits thing is really going to come back to haunt me later in life though, I'm sure of it. This is a masterpiece and now I only wish it was more then one chapter. Great job!
7/9/2009 c1 6multiples of six
Hahaha, that was awesome! I don't even know what else to say, it's just that awesome.
7/7/2009 c1 10Squibakou
*wipes tears from eyes* Lol. That was hilarious. *applauds*
7/6/2009 c1 27alli-sun
I believe I read this previously on LJ and absolutely adored it. Thereore, I am reading it again! Your plot was so imaginative and so obnoxiously up poor Ron and Draco's noses. Excellent oneshot! n-n
7/2/2009 c1 Jessica
Love it. "(there were now tentacles in play)" = my favorite line. Hilarious. Yet a sweet fic too. Nice.
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