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for Fine is a Four Letter Word

1/11 c30 1ElineAllTheFeels
Hello. I don't know if I have ever commented on this story before. I probably haven't. I don't know if you still check this account, or whether you will ever see this, but I had to tell you.

I found this story when I was 12 or 13 years old. To help me with my English (I'm not a native speaker) I got into fanfic, specifically NCIS fanfic. I only read Tony hurt/comfort, preferably the comfort being given by Gibbs. So, I found your story. And my gosh, your story.

Fine is a four letter word quickly became one of my favourites, and it has remained one of my favourites. Every couple of years I reread it. I think this was my fourth time? My fifth? And every time, I enjoy it just as much as the last.

I am 22 now, turning 23 in april, and this story has been such a constant in my life for basically a decade now. I love your writing and your storytelling, but most of all I love the way this story makes me feel. There is a certain comfort in rereading something so special? And sometimes I just really need that comfort. In times like those, this story is there for me. And I will be eternally grateful to you.

Basically, I grew up with this story, and it means the world to me. It is one of three I reread. Yeah, only three. And I just want to say thank you for giving me this incredible gift! I'll probably be back in a year or three, haha. See you then!
3/23/2022 c30 Rosemoor
Great story.
10/21/2021 c30 Luzith
This is marvelous. I’m a nurse, and so I appreciate getting to read well written, realistic medical fics. Fabulous writing.
6/28/2021 c30 Vadercat60
Lot's of strife, but a good story nonetheless. A growing experience for the entire team, but mostly for Tony and Gibbs.
12/26/2020 c30 Mellen42
Excellent, moving fic w/tears & laughter. Thank you.
12/23/2020 c30 2Astrido
Fantastic story. And well researched, too.
And with a happy end, which is always a bonus.
I like that you didn't bash ziva or Tim.
5/16/2020 c7 1Kmpcarter
I need to stop reading fanfiction that makes me cry.
4/19/2020 c29 1Lilynette
Found this fic again while looking for other things in my bookmarks, sat down and couldn't stop reading for two days. Thank you for the wonderful ride!
1/18/2020 c30 Mojave01
Thank you for writing this. It made me cry. I took care of my father in law dying of cancer many years ago, and at a much later time my husband who died of bone cancer. It's scary, exhausting and the fear of the future .. it was always hiding in the back of my mind.
You expressed it all very well. Thank you
9/29/2018 c30 Guest
Dear, just found this story of yours and ... it’s truly touching and marvelously written. Tony and all the others are so ... great! And you did manage to write about the feelings (fear, hope, distress about big and small aspects of the whole ordeal, need of trusting the friends and let them in but wish to hide at the same time, all other mixed feelings that make us human beings such a complex mystery)... you did manage to write about them in such a palpable and respectful way... truly an amazing, moving, breathtaking job! Thanks so much!
7/26/2018 c29 Guest
You mention the possibility of a sequel. Please, please, please?
7/23/2018 c21 20Adelled
Love the team interaction.
6/20/2018 c30 68E. J. Morgan
Amazing! You're an incredibly talented writer! Reading this fic was like reading a book written by a professional writer. You can be proud. :)
3/4/2018 c30 Hells Bells
This story is PERFECT,BRILLIANT,AMAZING,POIGNANT and I loved reading it for sharing such a WONDERFUL you are okay and I REALLY hope you get back to writing and posting more fanfiction,you have a HUGE ,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.
2/11/2018 c1 2MMarieRose
If this was your first fan fic it was really good! Thanks !
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