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7/18 c6 1NeverStopWriting
Ok... I tried SO hard to push past the unnecessary extra angst... especially where it made sense. But for fucks sake you burn his birth certificate because it SOMEHOW just so HAPPENED to fall under the heater... in a sealed office of a seal master Hokage... in an area that is usually very warm anyway... but yea theres a heater and by chance the one thing currently on hand to give naruto proof of his heritage just coincidentally fell under it.

Like theres a point where its too much and the storyisnt enjoyable and this is about it for me personally. Really like the idea of the story but its in the agnsty coincidence phase for way to long...
7/5 c31 Guest
Can you update on next chapter!
5/29 c13 1Crevanille
... You randomly changed Hinata's mom's name...
5/28 c5 Crevanille
ugh. i hope Naruto can see how wrong he is soon... we don't need a hate filled Sasuke 2.0
5/28 c4 Crevanille
Sneaky sneaky Hinata-chan~! You go girl!
5/27 c20 Guest
Also the only ones who have to worry about the fcc are those who write about a 12 YEAR OLD that is in gauged with the following, harems , in explicit detail or just at all "lemons" incest , in a shop with an adult or all of the above so authors like you should be fine ,right
5/27 c10 Guest
So instead of doing this round about bullshit, why didn't minato and kushina do a simple blood test abd yes the world of naruto has that type of medical technology
5/1 c2 dastewie2012
It’s a bit much, but honestly I’d say it’s pretty accurate to what would actually happen in that situation. Someone would definitely be in denial and fear. And they would absolutely shred people apart with all the evidence that would enrage you to no end.
4/15 c3 5Hokage Isamu
I think the story's pace is way too fast, and killing the council members would be high treason, not even the Yondaime could disrespect that.
And in my personal opinion, I think you exagerrated with Kakashi, sure, he wasn't the beat sensei, but he did teach naruto a lot about being a shinobi and enduring
Apart from that, it's a good plot
4/10 c5 TylerBreeding
high hoped sigh
4/1 c2 tideanimzrunsfas
everything was good but naruto not accepting his parents was like shit
2/13 c3 2KvAT
so many OOCs, but I feel like it's justified. Waking up after 12 years dead only to see your son being all but the village's punching bag... yeah. Orochimaru really chose the best two people to ruin Konoha indeed.
2/10 c3 3Damien Evermere
TBF in Canon Sarutobi is a poor leader. bare in mind canonically the Civilian and Shinobi councils do not exist. the closest thing you get is the advisory council of elders which are Danzo and Sarutobi's team mates and they have no actual power they're just advisory. now canonically Naruto lives on his own whilst there is no evidence if abuse or neglect from the village. due to not being taught how to survive properly Naruto would be malnourished and probably make the odd mistake like drinking off milk. Sarutobi is a bad leader for not only allowing a young preteen to live alone but also not teaching him how to do so properly and not checking up on him often.
2/6 c2 Jose Ivan
Solo pude leer la mitad de este capítulo está historia es una basura
2/6 c1 Jose Ivan
Esta es la mayor basura que e tenido la desgracia de leer la historia no tiene sentido parece que la escribió un niño por la falta de lógica que tiene después de todo quien trata a unas personas que acaban de revivir como si nada y tampoco explican como vencieron a orochimari y que sarutobi siga vivi
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