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2/14/2020 c6 Cat
No you only turn in to a werewolf if werewolf saliva gets in to your blood stream when making out the most it can do is get in your digestive system so you wouldn't turn form making out with a werewolf.
9/2/2019 c15 Guest
Tori..This chapter had me laughing like a psycho
9/2/2019 c5 Guest
Yes masterrrrr
7/20/2015 c32 2Vero Diaz
Is this the end of the story?
3/10/2014 c32 1jabc4
Amazing Story! I seriously loved it! I have to say I very much enjoyed the disclaimers as much as the chapters. You and Christina are hilarious. Great Job! :D
11/25/2013 c32 2Whispers in a Thundercloud
I loved it! It was so good, write another one!
7/16/2013 c21 Redheadbookworm
If I could be a supernatural i would probably go with shapeshifter or a chameleon(you have to read shadow falls to understand that) but yeah. I know how it feels, waiting for you storys to update
7/16/2013 c18 Redheadbookworm
Im not sure sure if your first sentence was french because if it was it should be spelled like this, ceci sont les questions. And the second should be merci pour vos réponses. Sorry for the long messages its just that I hate reading stuff in french when they are misspelled since I am french
7/16/2013 c15 Redheadbookworm
I dont think anyone could play derek noone has te right shade of eyes and I think Nicholas Braun is more of a bluish-greenish kind of color and his hairs not dark enough if he had black hair maybe he would make a good derek but a thats just my opinion. I really like these storys
7/15/2013 c18 1imagination evilwolf
7/2/2013 c32 City.Of.Chlerek.XD
I love it ahhhh I hope you put up a sequeal
5/27/2013 c8 2pleasantpink
I LOVE THIS STORY! Keep up the good work.
5/12/2013 c5 Ellie
With a knick knack, patty wack, give a dog a bone, Derek and Chloe are now one!
3/28/2013 c31 Guest
well then if the story's not over...hurry up and write the next one! HURRY UP!
3/26/2013 c20 Guest
NOOOOO! this cant happen...wtf!
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