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for The Dreaded Birthday

12/11/2010 c1 20Sammichbatch
Just how it should be!

Very good, by the way :D

8/17/2010 c1 Kaylie93
not bad :)

hope theres more... :D
2/8/2010 c1 ierghopiejgerf
Great story, but you have a typo where it says "its you birthday, temperance..." Then you say "She almost never calls him Temperance" shouldn't that be the other way around. "He almost never calls her temperance"
2/2/2010 c1 3Belles-lettres29
good story! I hav read a couple of your stories & I've noticed that you keep mixing up he, she, him, her, etc. its a little confusing.
11/1/2009 c1 12moonlighting.gatita
my fav part was at the end..

"Your still drunk aren't you?"

"A bit."

"I thought so."

GrEaT JoB!
8/15/2009 c1 csimesser1
that was good
8/12/2009 c1 angry garth
it was engoyable and you obviesly kno the characters very well. it was enjoyable good job
7/22/2009 c1 AgathaChristieLover
Hey Amy I read the story and got an accont so I could comment on it... but this stories good too. Just one pet peeve they don't have panadol in America they have tyrenol or something like that. I wanted to get that in before someone else did.
7/19/2009 c1 131NCISgirl1527
oh my gosh i love it.
7/8/2009 c1 545SarahShalomDavid
love it !
7/5/2009 c1 8Jenn loves bones
Thats really cute I love it S2
7/5/2009 c1 18Brennanite47
That was really good and yes, you should keep writing Bones fanfics. That last scene was great!

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