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for goodbyes

5/15/2010 c4 6SquallsCorner
you are one of my favorite authors!
7/14/2009 c4 5reddoggie
id be doubtful of the principal too if i were zexion. who knows? maybe he is being truthful. thats nice of the councilor to do that! but thats their job, so i dont know. hm. well thanks for the chapt~! i wonder when demyx will come in~? keep writing please~!QQ
7/13/2009 c3 reddoggie
hm. so is zexy going to back to school now? is he going to a new school or the same one as earlier? im just guessing, but i think the same school as earlier. aww~! it seems like everyones concerned for poor zexy~! thanks for the chapts up to now~! i cant wait to read the next chapt~!QQ
7/13/2009 c1 reddoggie
aww~! thats so sad! and id be pissed at that jock and principal to! god. quit being to unfair~.(principal) hm. i wonder who zexys gonna stay with? and where were axel and marly when zexion was getting abused? i wonder... well. thanks for the chapt~!QQ keep writing it please!

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