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11/25/2016 c5 creativesm75
1/3/2013 c5 Guest
Your writing is complete shit and you're ridiculously slow at updating. Just stop.
11/10/2012 c2 55Queen of Tortall
This is really interesting. You've created a completely different story and introduced new characters very well; they're likable and real. Good job!
12/4/2010 c4 1Stormglass
I LOVE IT! I nearly cried I was laughing so hard! :P I think it is fantastic! ;)
8/19/2009 c3 7jabarber69
Hey this chapter was cool but then again it brought up several questions, like since their not actually twins not even blood related (unless Diane did a blood adoption?) then why are they able to mindspeak? or are they soul bonded, but dont know it? since it pretty obvious that Diane hasnt told them that Dom is actually Harry Potter! hey also love the twins attitude, love reading it, it was really cool and you did one hell of a great job with the dialogue, I should know I suck big time with dialogue! Hey its nice that they are getting jon out and bringing him with them on the camping trip and it looks like jon attitude is already changing...I have a older brother who basically has always ignored me, even to this day, only hear from him once a year and we only live about 20 minutes apart, he want return my phone calls and if I reach him by phone he makes some excuse to hang up, go figure! so jon and alec relationship in this story reminds me of that... especially alec thoughts on jon!

I'm still wondering what will happen when they turn eleven! also I think its cool that they are magical strong and that Wiz interent thingy is cool but then again I've seen it in Jeconais story of "This Means War" but hey I think its cool that they are starting a buiness at what 5 years old!
8/19/2009 c2 jabarber69
that was a nice chapter, answered some of my question and some I didnt even know that I wanted to ask...at least they are being left alone for a month with that muggleborn family...that was one of the questions I wanted to ask if harry would be allowed to know the muggle world or not, I had hoped so...

In this story is the Potter's a old and wealthy pureblood family with lots of money or not?
8/19/2009 c2 91RebeccaRoy
Oh wow this is good so far!
8/19/2009 c1 7jabarber69
Nice start to your story, leaves you wondering who exactly is diana, other than what you gave us, a friend of Lily's...now I'm wondering if they will have thought Harry was taken by the death eaters or that maybe he is dead, and if they think that what will happen to his inheritance...also am wondering if she will raise him as harry potter or make up another name, it sure sounded like it, and if so will he become harry potter when he goes to hogwarts, and what happens to sirius in this story, ah well since you have what 2 other chapters maybe, guess I'll just have to turn the page and see...

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