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for A Single Burning Flame

12/5/2011 c12 2Hyoko Hime-sama
This is so cool! Please update soon!
4/11/2011 c12 6xXJustSomeRandomKidXx
Update please! I love your story. I just don't understand how Isa burned that soldier guy, cuz you said that a ring was needed in order to control the fire before. I'm pretty sure that the fire king has (had?) it, unless there is a duplicate that her adopted mom gave her right before the wedding, you know, those jewels in her bodice. Maybe she just has a more powerful and deeper connection to fire, IDK really. Enough of my rambling, I'm just getting confused the more I think about it. Besides, I'm pretty sure it'll all make sense when you update and finish the story

(which will, of course, be awesome). So...Update soon please!
11/8/2010 c12 4Harlequin-Istic
Excellent! Update promptly? Love it.
9/26/2010 c12 2Fearful.minds-Fearless.hearts
Really great, can't wait to next chapter! :D
9/19/2010 c11 Fearful.minds-Fearless.hearts
You know I think I was beginning to forget about this story until last week when my mind went wandering and suddenly I found myself thinking of it! lol I know what you mean with school being in the way and all, I'm the same but I'm glad you've decided to update! :D
2/9/2010 c10 MermaidHair
please! please! please! update! i love your story! why has it been so long . . .
8/30/2009 c10 3Tsuri-Born

I hope you'll continue
8/30/2009 c10 9TreeTopRoyalty
Ohh, so I didn't get a chance to review after the last chapter, so expect this one to be a little long, to make up for it :P

I absolutely love Simone, although I was cursing him for not telling Gabriella that he'd saved the other baby. It's understandable why it would be best to keep her in the dark, but still frustrating. And now I'm dying to know- which baby was Isa?

As for Chapter 10... my heart broke when Mishel ran to the temple, deperate to find Isa. And, a thought: was the old woman Reese? There seem to be a lot of characters so far, so I'm expecting overlap between Gabriella's world and Isa's to become apparent at any time now...

Yay for updates!
8/27/2009 c10 porkypick
o... intense! poor michel... and isabelle...

you know what gets confusing? iasBELLE and gabriELLA...i always wanna switch up the a... just tjought i's share that with you...:D

anyway, good chappy

keep writing

lots of love


8/27/2009 c10 2Ori Lee
Good Chapter, so Omigosh ISABELLE is GABRIELLA's daughter! Amazing! (how did i not see that coming though?)
8/27/2009 c10 2Fearful.minds-Fearless.hearts
I really like this chapter, is the woman Reese? I know I really shouldn't guess and I know you probably won't tell me but I can't help it, lol.
8/26/2009 c9 porkypick
:(. poor baby who had to be left behind...i think im gonna cry... *sniff* Gabreillas mothers intuition fails if it only takes that little amount of time to convince her that she only had one child! *tisk*

anyway, good chappy and i wanted you to know that ...

THIS IS NOT AN ENCOURAGING REVIEW! so its not my fault you keep writing!... jkjk :P im always encouraging! :D

keep writinglots of love


8/26/2009 c9 Fearful.minds-Fearless.hearts
These were really good chapters, I was on holiday for 2 weeks so I've only just got the chance to read them.
8/23/2009 c9 4Italiangurlinamessedupworld

Had... maybe, seeing as how I have no clue what happened to him.

Is he the one that grabbed her? Isabelle that is.

Keep writing,

8/23/2009 c9 2Ori Lee
Wenesday would be an amazing day to get it up...I'm a writer myself so i understand the diffulculties of getting chapters up quickly...I can't wait for the next one!
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