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for The Voice of Death

7/10/2017 c1 7All Hail King Scar
Huh. Certainly wierd. But worth reading :)
2/27/2015 c1 OrigAmidala16
EEEEEEEEEK! this is one of my fave fanfics. it would B MORE my fave if someone UPDATED...

oh, plz, plz update... plz...plz...im begging U... have them form an alliance... yes, thats good,alliance...have mufasa B a sith...im just begging,please(yea, ill use good grammer 2 get myself on Ur good side) ...galaxy ruled by empire... anyway, hope 2 see some UP-DATING! :))))))
5/6/2013 c1 29Lady Allana Solo
Actually, I was searching for something like this one since I'm currently watching Lion King and am in a SW mood
3/7/2010 c1 1Prof. Egghead
didnt get joke. never seen lion king 3. interesting fic.
12/15/2009 c1 estel
HAH! that was hilarious. News to me. now I have to re-watch both movies... hehe
10/23/2009 c1 my tragic weaboo past
Haha, what an interesting concept. XD
9/23/2009 c1 26Keldae
Haha! That was a nice, humourous little ficlet! I liked it! :)
8/29/2009 c1 2Pliffy
that was funny.
7/8/2009 c1 Lavie Nenharma
I can explainn your madness in one word. Now i had to choose this word. Oh and this is also my reply to your email 'fall for you'. I tinkered over stating 'Zhedaali' as my on word description of your madness, even 'Kiza' or 'Mika' or 'Liz'... Even 'Becca' would be a suitable blame. But eventually, i had to, i just HAD to rest, on 'Aria'. Suitable?

Lavie Nenharma (well... 'KH')
7/7/2009 c1 4Nala162024
Vader woke up, searching for his son.

Was Luke safe?

Since when do I worry about my son?


Yes, I got the joke.
7/6/2009 c1 negligibleSanity
lol. great parallel there. Even though we've done so many word association things linking Vader and Mufasa through James Earl Jones, no-one has come up with this concept before.

I'm glad to call you my friend, no matter how mad you are. In fact, it's your madness that makes you my friend. Woot.

Yes, I realise that isn't really a review, more a commentary on the fic. whatever.

7/6/2009 c1 1Kinotastic
Ahaha. That is so great! I love how they are so similar to each other in taking in their surroundings. James Earl Jones FTW!

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