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for The Thief of Hogwarts

7/11 c6 7OCansino
It was a good story. BUT I HATE it when characters turn into animagus for no reason.
7/8 c20 Nimbus2023
Love the Fugitive reference, parts of that movie were actually filmed in my hometown. Though Sirius' escape would be better compared to Shawshank in my opinion.
7/7 c22 chuyswife
so excited that you have added more to this story! it is so fun and creative and I love reading it. I was shocked and very happy to see updates. thank you! they are delightful! I find Harry getting Dan caught over and over to be hilarious.
7/7 c1 SSDreadnought
Story could be so much better if you actially separated the sections with fucking anything. One sentence im reading him being with Tonks, next one he’s suddenly in France talking with Julian.
7/6 c20 Fredrich
Welcome back! Enjoyed reading the updated chapters so far. I think I’ve reread the story about three times now and happy to read more!
7/5 c22 7nounours4
Nice and cute story. I like it.
7/2 c22 DonCorleoneCLT
I love this story, it's the first time I've seen a story with Harry playing with toys like the child he is, I also like the relationship he has with Fleur and the rest of the characters, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
7/2 c22 lukeanimelover
I think this is dead…
7/1 c4 2Cardinal Snowflame
Neville's got good taste
7/1 c22 Crill13
OMG! It's amazing to have you back again! This is absolutely still to this day one of my favorite stories that I reread regularly and to see you update it is mind blowing! Amazing chapters as always and loved Dan getting in trouble by harry again!
7/1 c22 4D.Mentor
another great chapter and a great story, thank you for writing it.
6/30 c22 wujuninja
Glad to see my favourite story continue. But please for the love of God stop usingo0oI use the fanfiction app to turn stories into audio books and this is unbearable. Thanks in advance and welcome back.
6/30 c22 aiman031122
please continue to update this story because i really can't not wait to see what will happen next so has a nice day take care of you healt and update soon bye.
6/29 c20 MangoPeanutSituation
hello again! long time no see
6/29 c22 ElementalMaster16
Updates! I am so happy to see this story continue, its been a fond memory for quite awhile.
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