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49m c24 Guest
So hard to believe that Peter ends up betraying them all….
8/5 c6 AngelGirl2000
Fuck Miles gaslighting prat
7/27 c11 Dora Exploratora
I don't know if you read these anymore. I just started reading your story because I saw a reference to it on Facebook (07/2022) and someone said it was so amazing. I'm really in love with your story already and even though I know it's not finished and I KNOW it will break my heart when I come to the end of it, I just can't stop reading. Harry Potter is sooo much of my life and this just brings everything back to life and adds to it (I reread the books every year or so, so I know them sortof by heart already lol). I'm 30 weeks pregnant now and getting a little bit anxious for the delivery, so I hope I don't finish your story in the next 10 weeks (but I highly doubt it), because I think it would be the perfect distraction and therefore painkiller during contractions/time in the hospital haha.

Anyway, thank you for the amazing story, I love it.
7/26 c7 40ReadBooksWriteThings
OMG I love this story so much! Can't wait to read the rest!
7/25 c36 seaweedsbrainn
This fic is truly, one of, if not the best jily fic I've ever read. The angst, the pining, the portrayal of teenagers are SPOT ON! The ignorance of the war from the privileged e.g. purebloods, while muggle-borns and half-bloods have been suffering. I LOVE EVERYONE's characterization. My favorite dynamic was lily and the non-james marauders, just them hanging out or going to lily bcuz they feel guilty. The way you also write out death is so accurate. And the fact that lily's last letter to sam was abt school? drama? i was laughing and crying, just like how lily was. And the cute lil nickname james gives for lily,,,,snaps oh my god I am screaming crying squealing aaaaa. Although I notice there are some misspells here and there but the greatness of your story's plot overrides it. This fic has made me feel every single emotion I could possibly feel, and I feel quite hollow now; like when you finish reading a really good book and then you realize the journey is over. ALSO! Can I just mention how perfect you wrote the marauder's temporary breakup. That scene will always be painful in every canon compliant fic, but this, takes the CAKE. I could feel both sirius' sadness and loneliness while feeling the absolute betrayal and anger from james. I rlly hope there were more lily x non james marauder(s) moments, but I'll do with what I have. Jules you are an incredible writer, thank you for raising the bar for my fic standards. I hope you're doing well, stay healthy!
7/23 c4 Sue
I dont know any review..I JUST WANNA READ
7/2 c13 guest
Reading Something Realized all those years ago was almost like a religious experience for me and the magic hasn't faded. Ofc all the characters and their story lines are incredible but the 'Night Snaps' scene is just fucking kills me. The moment he realizes he is in love...just beautiful. It'll always hurt that we didn't at least get to read their first kiss. I'll always wait for you so much Jewels. I started reading your story in high school and it's been my safe haven for all these years and I have no doubt it'll continue to be for my life. Love you and I hope you are well xxx
6/18 c13 PadfootProngsie
'Tis that time of year again... You've stated that In 1976, Lily Evans would kiss James Potter (or the other way around) but it's been YEARS and we still have no evidence of this. I'll never lose faith. I'll be on my sixties and still come up here every now and then hoping that you've uploaded the last chapter you had drafted or a sort of one-shot of the kiss or whatever to satisfy this empty hole in out hearts Jules. I'm begging you. Give us the KISS.
6/9 c1 Guest
This is one of the best fanfics I have ever read
5/23 c22 Guest
The amount at which this chapter made me cry goddamit
5/14 c7 lordAragonofgondor
ok So,it's the first time I'm doing this
But can I just say that whenever a scene comes up with lily and her friends,my head fucking hurts.
they all have the same fucking names it seems,and since they are OC I don't understand what the hell is going on
4/12 c36 7veryvictoria
Here's to the hope that a Chapter 37 will be posted someday! We jily freaks never give up!
4/9 c36 nath
I have read this fanfiction so so many times! Now I have sure that I decorated all your history
I don't have any regrets about this, 'cause every read becomes a new one. Your characters and Universe is everything to me. I love how you make a history about the Marauders so incrible and deep.

I will love if this have a continuation, 'cause, being honest? Now that things were getting interesting LOL

So, please, please come back! Have mercy I need know whats happen after all this. I mean... Lily and James are almost happen, right? (I mean, I hope so)

Anyways, I will waiting with my heart open and hopeful.

(sorry for my english. I'm from Brazil and I still learning how writing correctly. I hope you can understand what I say).

Wish you well.
Kisses from your friend from Brazil :*
4/9 c25 2Whatfunny
yeah I'm crying... Finally!
4/8 c22 Whatfunny
this chapter is just so sad... I just feel so sad for all of them... except maybe Luke... you really got me with this chapter! Love this story!
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