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10/10 c36 Guest
️ Are you reading this Jules? Do you know how much this story means to me, a humble old potterhead who would die for James and Lily, who bases all her ideals of love on Jily, and by Jily I mean the Jily that you show in these chapters? How you have captured the beauty of these characters, how talented it is to do that! So grateful Jules, I am so grateful. I can't pour my emotions into words anymore, so lemme just say Thankyou. I love you ️
10/9 c36 Guest
youre kidding why is it over what that just blindsided me i feel so incomplete
10/5 c26 harronione
Best chapter ever
reading it for the zillionth time
10/2 c36 creakyelbows
It may be years later, but this story will never not be absolutely fantastical. This is the second time I've read it, and I was surprised at how much I had forgotten. I enjoyed every second of reading this book. I laughed and I cried and I fell in love with these characters and this writing. I can't express how much I love this book and everything about it. By far my favorite fanfiction.
10/1 c36 Amrita
noooooooooooooooooooooo! Why did this have to end? When are we going to see the scene where they got together? And what about the beginning? And the fight at the end? This was a brilliant fanfic, Jules!
10/1 c34 Amrita
I loved this, this was so satisfying
9/28 c17 Guest
Ch 17: I guess it’s not a cliffhanger, but I love the way you ended this chapter, transforming this random kind of nonsense speech into this nice philosophical question. I’m just strangely really impressed. You do have a way with words.
9/25 c9 Amrita
OOOOOOOOH i hate Snivsniv
9/25 c5 Amrita
I loved this!
9/25 c36 Guest
No puedo creer que no lo hayas terminado... Estuve 3 dias leyendo esto.. Es genial todo calzaba muy bien.
Es triste.. En verdad necesito maas.
9/23 c3 Idk how I feel
Hi. I’m not sure what’s going on here but I hope that this story is going to keep going in the direction where we call people who have attempted suicide “attention seekers.” That is wrong on so many levels.
9/23 c3 Gerdanchy
Awesome writing!
9/22 c23 Ryan Nattrass
oh these chapters just fill my heart with happiness
9/22 c36 joyce
girl. what the fuck? you didn't even show us HOW james and lily got together? how lily declared her love? or at least how sirius let something slip? i was at least expecting something like this:

"you wrote to sam a lot"

"yeah, i talked to him about fancying you"
9/22 c36 LJE
I'm fucking dying, I love this more than the Harry Potter books, or maybe because of them, and I accept this as canon. My god, I want this to be real, I want Sirius Black to be my drinking buddy, and I want Lily Evans' to give me sane advice, and I want to see James Potter, perfect and brilliant, and amazing Grace Potter, and I want to see Alice and Frank Longbottom have Neville, and most of all I want Harry to have known these people, to see what amazing parents James and Lily must've been together and it just makes me so much sadder and it makes me ache because I don't just want this to be a movie anymore, I want them to be real people, and to live with them in a magical boarding school, and be part of the drama and stay through the helplessness of injustice and death around you and nothing to do as a bunch of students in a world at war.

I never thought I would love it so much! I love the subtle and the not-so-subtle references to canon that are just littered and give that brief excitement of familiarity and I love how they just fit- so naturally that you almost don't catch them. I love the characters and their tones and the comfort they have with each other, and the unbelievable familiarity I have with them now. I love the day to day of things, the usual drama and the beauty of friendships captured within. I love how it makes me feel a part of it, and yet makes me yearn for so much more.

I've always been afraid of reading the Marauders and Jily fics because I always thought they wouldn't live up to it, and I'm glad this is the first I've read, I want it to be the only one. I have obsessed with this, day and night, and had dreams, and laughed and cried, and I've fallen in love with Lily Evans and James Potter and the Marauders, and I don't think I can be redeemed. But damn, I wish it was real.
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