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5/8 c36 Imogenbeadon
Only just discovered this! Wish there was more, fills my soul with so much love. Amazingly well written and captivating. More, more, moreplease?
5/4 c1 Elisabethhastings
Every 2 years I reread this masterpiece knowing it will leave me empty without an ending, but i stiiilll come back... it feels like home
5/2 c36 Jilystan
OH MY GOD. I know this is from 2013 and its 2021 now but I've just spent 4 days reading this fic. FOUR DAYS and do you know why? BECAUSE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JILY FIC. But there was no jily in it. Sure they ended up together but it was more of a Carlotta and James fic or a Donna and Lathe (WHO WE DIDNT SEE ANYTHING ELSE OF OH MY GOD) i am mad. Don't get me wrong it was an amazingly well written fic and the story was great but I signed up for Jily and I didn't get it. I'm mad
4/28 c36 Guest
I miss this story so much
4/26 c36 Stephanie
I came to this story several years too late via the blue hellsite that is Tumblr; I don't know, it is what it is. Anyway, you've done a lovely job here. You really made the characters come alive in a realistic way that fits with the original books. Some of it could probably use some editing for clarity and length, but it's overall an astounding labor of love. I'd love to see it printed and made into a movie, but here on the internet it sits with no less of an adoring fan base. Thank you for writing and sharing.
4/23 c36 Guest
Jewels, your writing is simply breathtaking. I was in awe years ago, and I am in awe now. I will forever be sad this beautiful work never reached completion. You brought every word to life, and in my head, your Universe is canon as far as the Marauders era is concerned.

Wherever you are today, I hope you are healthy and happy, and I hope you know how happy you have made a lot of people. Thank you for The Life And Times.
4/20 c32 Guest
4/16 c1 jim
I really want to see everyone’s life after school and how wormtail becomes a death eater etc, and the war right up to when Voldemort comes after Harry! I hope u update the story and add those things someday! It’s fantastic already tho
4/15 c36 jim
This was amazing. Honestly better written than most books I’ve ever read! U really captured lily and James chemistry and every detail was perfect. Only complaint is that I would’ve loved to see the story continue right up to their death. Great job tho!
4/15 c23 tilly d
EKKKKKKK I feel to warm and fuzzy, like im in love and its all because of your brilliant writing and your fantastic portrait of affection and love through lily and James. im so happy and sad all at once. ILY 3
4/15 c21 tilly d
wow. there is so much depth in their relationship. ily James.
4/14 c18 tilly d
I cried twice in this chapter. so beautiful
4/14 c17 tilly d
Marlene is a fucking beautiful goddess, angel, bad bitchhhc sheeeeehshhhh SHE IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL! AN ABSOLUTE ICON! such a baddie omg I love her!
4/11 c1 3Luv2laugh12
THIS STORY IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS I HAVE EVER READ. You paint a picture of each character so beautifully imperfections and all. I am so looking forward to reading the rest if you ever come back to it
4/9 c36 SCami22
This is soooo good. Best ff ever
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