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17h c28 Guest
I absolutely hate cliffhangers even though all best books should finish each chapter with o e
19h c27 Guest
Why did he have to go out with her?!
It is basically treason :O
Bit I still love the story, thanks a lot :)
11/28 c19 Guest
I love James and Lily in your story. They are just so adorable I am falling in love
11/27 c10 Guest
Absolutely wonderful
11/19 c36 8Mary91
I read this a very long time ago when it first came out, recently I stumbled across again and reread even though it wasn't finished. Years later this is still an immensely enjoyable story and I still consider it well written.
I hope you're still out there getting these messages that even though you're obviously no longer continuing this story after ten years it is still very much appreciated.
10/15 c34 cassielynn2001
I got to say it.. why is it that only James apologizes? lily is always right and whatnot. I m getting kinda of tired
9/26 c28 M
I gotta day it feels like this while meloni/james thing is just for cheap drama

Your story though
9/22 c1 guest
The number of times ive read this fic...
9/7 c5 Guest
oh my god! i love this fanfic so much, i've always been looking for some jilly fics, and when a friend sent this to me, I was so happy. all i want right now is some more jilly. the characters are so well thought out, and I'm so happy i came across this fic :)) also like this writing so superior, and the length! *chef's kiss* I'm a sucker for long fics, that just so happy to be jilly fics. but james better step up, like this boy is k/lling me, i know that I'm not that far into the fic, but JFKDLAJFKDLJASF;KDJAL
also can sev just not. i am so DONE with severus snape, he is FKJDLAJFDKSLAJF annoying me SO much.
i posted a review, because you seem to love these, but then again who doesn't?
8/27 c36 Guest
it's been 9 years and i'm still waiting... lol
8/24 c17 hi
was re-reading prisoner of azkaban and came to the part that said sirius wanted to borrow the newspaper from fudge while in azkaban, because he missed doing the crossword puzzles. just had to come here and re-read my favorite sirius-and-lily-conversation-ft-crossword scene ever. the thought and detail you put into this fic... a miracle. thank you for everything.
8/15 c24 Guest
So hard to believe that Peter ends up betraying them all….
8/5 c6 AngelGirl2000
Fuck Miles gaslighting prat
7/27 c11 Dora Exploratora
I don't know if you read these anymore. I just started reading your story because I saw a reference to it on Facebook (07/2022) and someone said it was so amazing. I'm really in love with your story already and even though I know it's not finished and I KNOW it will break my heart when I come to the end of it, I just can't stop reading. Harry Potter is sooo much of my life and this just brings everything back to life and adds to it (I reread the books every year or so, so I know them sortof by heart already lol). I'm 30 weeks pregnant now and getting a little bit anxious for the delivery, so I hope I don't finish your story in the next 10 weeks (but I highly doubt it), because I think it would be the perfect distraction and therefore painkiller during contractions/time in the hospital haha.

Anyway, thank you for the amazing story, I love it.
7/26 c7 40ReadBooksWriteThings
OMG I love this story so much! Can't wait to read the rest!
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