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2/6/2021 c5 invisiblestrings
ok.. but also why would lily forgive snape. lily j evans, i am in disbelief
2/6/2021 c5 invisiblestrings
2/5/2021 c8 Victoria
Oh the Frank asking Alice out scene was SO heart. I loved this whole chapter, the concept was awesome and all the little moments from everyone's perspective were perfect. Adam and Marlene. Poor Alice...loved it.
1/31/2021 c10 Guest
1/24/2021 c36 melzo4
I know you're done with this fic and you're probably won't even read my review, but posting it still feels good. maybe even other readers will relate to it...
I came to this story last summer, and immediately I was drawn to your beautiful story (well 75% of was good anyway) It is well shown you’ve studied professional writing or previously enrolled in writing courses and that’s what makes this book so fantastic and wonderful comparing to any other James & Lily fics.

I will start with the good review and let you know that your version of Sirius (my personal favorite in the original HP series) was brilliant! thank you for not pairing him with Marlene and for not portraying him as a silly goofy like other fics. You gave him depth, wisdom, and personality and all of his dialogues with James were so good! You made us understand why he is James’ best mate. He really understands him “At least I don’t come always second to Snivellus”… Bravo really!

Now for the constructive criticism… As a JILY fic, they were hardly in the story… I mean it had more fluff and sort of romantic twist for Carlotta and James in the end than to Lily and James… I could have accepted Carlotta as the obvious obstacle in Jily’s relationship as a one night stand mistake that would betray Lily’s trust, or an obvious way to make Lily jealous, but the beautiful way you’ve written James’ character is not consistent at all and let me explain; he is obviously the brightest guy in Hogwarts, the most popular, the wittiest and a very observant guy, so how the F*** he continued dating and shagging Carlotta for 2 full months after she lied to him about Shelly, and all the unnecessary drama if he didn’t love her and only fancied her since she’s beautiful and an easy rebound after he got frustrated and tired of Lily’s rejections?! Why did he rig the vote for Carlotta if she’s only a passing phase? Why did he kiss her back in chapter 35 after they broke up? How a clever guy like him could not see through her (and he actually did in the beach house and pointed out to her that she’s full of shit and acting in his own words of course) malicious and narcissistic manners and behavior and still be attracted to her?! If the entire crowd of male students in Hogwarts fancied Carlotta (or at least wanted to shag her) your interpretation of James through the story should have been immune to her, since he is clever and would have seen all her BS and it should have turned him off much faster than whole 2 months of steady dating and even taking risks such as rigging the vote for such an ugly person who betrayed her best mate… the Carlotta part really ticked me off and basically every chapter since the whole protest saga was quite boring or infuriating and dragged out. I was waiting for the redeeming part of what exactly was said between Carlotta and James, did she mention his obvious feelings Lily? Did he mention them? Was he the one to tell her he won’t be pursuing any continuation to their relationship? Did she beg (in my head she did haha.. I truly dislike her).

I think you should have stuck with the Marauders and Lily as the main focus instead of dragging out all of the supporting characters lifetime stories, it was exhausting and quite boring (but maybe I feel like that since I came mainly for James and Lily ).

Bottom line, I am terribly disappointed by the end of your story, the forced scene between James and Lily in the end and the lack of at least one fiery scene confessing their love for each other or kissing and so… I am mad that you wrote such a beautiful story and it kind of ruined for me any other JILY fics, since all of them seem rubbish comparing to your excellent writing skills, so I’m very conflicted about your story. I really hope you will come back to it one day.
1/23/2021 c1 Bungaroon
I read this story for the first time in october of 2016. It was the first Jily fanfiction I ever read. I have been hooked ever since then. My love for this fanfiction is genuinely alarming, because it is so strong. It has inspired me more than I can say. I was in a really rough place when I read tlat, and I really just latched onto it. I aspire to be talented enough to write something that is on par with tlat in just one way. Because tlat is fantastic in every way. The characters are fantastic. They're real, and their feelings are real, and their growth is real. Marlene has such beautiful growth in this fic, as does Donna. These are my favorite examples in the fic (even though they're not the only ones) because they are (basically) original characters that you completely brought to life. And, while their growth does not always have nothing to do with a man, it is entirely about them, and their own personal journey. The way you laid groundwork for the whole story is more than admirable. I catch foreshadowing, and hints in early, early chapters that don't even become relevant for about twenty-five chapters later. I mean, holy shit, that's nuts. And the prose is just heart-wrenching. Always. There are several lines that I cannot ever possibly read without crying. I am a nostalgic fool, but the point stands. The way you word things is beautiful, and so decisive. You're such a strong writer, Jules, and I love what you've created. I may never stop wishing with all of my heart that this work of art had been completed, but I don't think that will ever stop me from rereading it constantly, and being inspired and moved by it every time. I've just finished reading it for the too-many-ith-time-to-count, and nothing has changed. I mean, of course it has, but my love for this fic and everything about it is still there, just as strong. I'm hella bummed by the ending, as usual, and I'm in love with both Lily and James, as usual. And I wish it was finished, and it's not, but I guess that has to be okay. So I'm okay. And now I'm going to try be productive, because I just spent several hours reading this and crying when I should have been doing other things.
Peace out, Jules.
1/22/2021 c36 MLJ
I’m still reading this fic 7 years after I discovered it. I don’t know why I continue to reread it because it just makes me terribly depressed. Jewels5 if you read these reviews I will literally pay you half a million dollars to finish this story. I still can’t believe you left it like that. We didn’t get to see the fight you foreshadowed that landed James in the hospital wing that also caused Lily and Alex to have a chat. We didn’t see Marlene and Adam! Donna and Lathe! Mary and Reg! Remus and Clancy! And don’t even get me started on James and Lily. I feel like over the years I’ve gone through so many stages of grief after reading this. But I continue to read it knowing you’ve said you’re no longer updating this fanfic. My heart – to put it quite simply – just breaks knowing that I don’t know what happens. Logically I know the basic stuff of what happens: Lily and James die on Halloween 1981, Marlene McKinnon and her whole family die, Reg and Mary get married, etc. But I WANT to know about the little things that make this fic, well, this fic. Anyways, I’m starting to sob too hard right now so I’ll leave the review here along with all the others that I’ve send over the years.
Cheers, you heart-breaker you!
1/18/2021 c29 Guest
this is the absolute best story I have ever read and you have me literally crying so much and feeling so many emotions omg, I never post reviews but this is too good. never give up writing you are so talented and gifted. thankyou
1/16/2021 c27 maraudermeryn
1/15/2021 c32 Colette.gtr
Ok im gonna forgive the James lily feud, but that’s just because this right here is completely adorable
1/15/2021 c31 Colette.gtr
Oh my gooood! I hate this and I can’t even blame the author cuz it’s so freaking well written!
1/14/2021 c7 maraudermeryn
omg i loved lily and james’ talk so much
1/14/2021 c29 Colette.gtr
Omgggg they’re so freaking adorable and there’s just this stupid carlotta (and James) in the wayyy
1/14/2021 c17 Guest
i do so love this story & i love lily too but lily's ASTOUNDING idiocy in this chapter made me so angry that i had to review years after it's been updated
1/7/2021 c2 1ThReE AqUiLa
I love this story! Its so incredibly well written! Im off to read more!
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