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5/14 c7 lordAragonofgondor
ok So,it's the first time I'm doing this
But can I just say that whenever a scene comes up with lily and her friends,my head fucking hurts.
they all have the same fucking names it seems,and since they are OC I don't understand what the hell is going on
4/12 c36 7veryvictoria
Here's to the hope that a Chapter 37 will be posted someday! We jily freaks never give up!
4/9 c36 nath
I have read this fanfiction so so many times! Now I have sure that I decorated all your history
I don't have any regrets about this, 'cause every read becomes a new one. Your characters and Universe is everything to me. I love how you make a history about the Marauders so incrible and deep.

I will love if this have a continuation, 'cause, being honest? Now that things were getting interesting LOL

So, please, please come back! Have mercy I need know whats happen after all this. I mean... Lily and James are almost happen, right? (I mean, I hope so)

Anyways, I will waiting with my heart open and hopeful.

(sorry for my english. I'm from Brazil and I still learning how writing correctly. I hope you can understand what I say).

Wish you well.
Kisses from your friend from Brazil :*
4/9 c25 2Whatfunny
yeah I'm crying... Finally!
4/8 c22 Whatfunny
this chapter is just so sad... I just feel so sad for all of them... except maybe Luke... you really got me with this chapter! Love this story!
3/31 c1 Angeltuesday
i found Jewels playlist for TLAT on tumblr and just reread the prologue while listening to Laughing with by regina spektor and ..full body shivers

i thought i had moved on but nope i think im starting a full reread.

so many questions
"the older wizard..the youthful handsomeness he had possessed only a year ago had vanished"

who is the enemy? voledy? why do i feel like its Snape, but jewels wouldn't call him hansom would she?

"she doesn't love you" ... " James allowed the words to stab him, knowing they must be true"...?

what do you mean! if the she is Lily and they are 18 and together why does he doubt her love? if its not Lily, who?
3/8 c36 Moonstruck.7
that's it?
3/7 c36 Guest
please make another one
3/4 c1 Guest
You must be doing the sex wrong
3/2 c22 lupinsawolf
wait is your name jewles or jules...?
3/1 c10 Guest
you are really silly. no, dont take me wrong. silly in a good way, get it?
3/1 c7 Guest
i like it. a lot. i like it because of the drama going in between everyone. and i like how you use characters from the original books too.
2/27 c1 invisiblestrings
I fucking MISS my marauders phase. When I first read this I was deep in, shortly after, it left. It came in waves throughout the last year as I left other fandoms but I think I’m going to go back in and all I’ve read is the prologue. This writing is so good holyyy.
2/27 c1 invisiblestrings
hi jewels. Like that other person said, you published this many many many years ago. You most likely won’t ever see this. But I’m reading it for the second time. I hope I will enjoy as much as the first. Lets gooo
2/24 c36 tlatfan
I just read this for the first time in a decade ish and was initially a bit worried i would find it boring and immature or something since i read it first when i was a teenager but nope. if anything i like it more as an adult. love this story so much jules. i've thought of it a lot of times in these years. Thank you for it. hope you are well , x
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