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8/17/2020 c3 TheGryffindorQue
This book is so good! I usually read on quotes , but I saw some great reviews online , and I came here
8/17/2020 c1 Guest
I'm pretty new to fanfic. I started by reading a bunch of ron and hermione missing moments and post battle, but after binging some fan made edits of the mauraders I decided it was time to try something new. Day one of this fan fic, six chapters in and I am well and truly hooked. I'm have been pre-warned it is abondaned. But I can't wait to see where this goes! You are such a good writer.
8/16/2020 c36 GraceNatalie
Okay, I’m stupid and didn’t realise that this wasn’t completed.
I know that it has been a Long time since you last updated but I really want to know what happens. You are probably not going to read this but I want to say once again that this was a brilliant story!
I’m not pressuring you to update or anything. Just want you to know
8/16/2020 c36 GraceNatalie
Wait. Was that the end?
If it was I would like you to know that this was a really amazing story and I had a wonderful time reading it. It was very intriguing and had me wanting to read more and not stop. You’re an absolute fabulous writer and I am looking forward to read more of your stories
8/15/2020 c35 GraceNatalie
Why Sam? That’s all I have to say. Why Sam?
8/15/2020 c34 GraceNatalie
Seeing Lily so fucking heartbroken physically pains me
8/15/2020 c33 GraceNatalie
How much do you mean by “*much* more” ?
8/15/2020 c32 GraceNatalie
The operation mancy at the end though *insert laughing emoji*
8/15/2020 c31 GraceNatalie
The situation Lily and James are in is so fucking sad!
My pillow is officially soaked now...
I get why your calling Carlotta “the quaffle” and Lily “the snitch” though *insert smirk emoji*
8/15/2020 c30 GraceNatalie
Seeing Lily s-so heartbroken makes me so fucking sad.
I’m literally lying on my bed wide awake at 3:30 am sobbing. I really need to get it together.
8/15/2020 c29 GraceNatalie
My obsession with Jily is probably unhealthy. I can’t survive without Jily fluff!
I just so desperately need them together.
8/15/2020 c28 GraceNatalie
I hope Jily gets together soon. I can’t survive all the sexual tension.
8/15/2020 c27 GraceNatalie
Why must you toy with my heart?
It pains me to read James or Lily kissing other people but sadly I have too because it usually is quite important to the storyline.
8/15/2020 c26 GraceNatalie
To be honest, I can imagine the Marauders as the Beatles much better.
We can have James as John
Sirius as Paul
Remus as George
And Peter as Ringo.

On a different note, I don’t know if I should be thankful or mad at you for that last scene. I mean, you have no absolute clue how bad I want to them to make out but then again I do enjoy some good Fluff so, I’m confused.
8/15/2020 c25 GraceNatalie
I want a motorcycle
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